With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which office coffee machine is right for you. At Lavazza Professional, we know that the best coffee machine for your business is one made with your team in mind. Get ready, it’s time to discover your dream office coffee machine

Step One: Choose the location of your coffee machine

Okay, so you know you need a coffee machine for your office but who is it for and where is it going? Is it going to be a staple in your break room or canteen? For a boardroom or meeting area? Or perhaps it’s for the reception area to treat your guests with a great first impression?

It’s crucial to get the best fit when it comes to a coffee machine for your business and with so many things to consider, this is a great place to start. Need a hand? Check out our helpful guide for selecting the right office coffee machine for the right location by clicking the button below.


Get help with selecting the best coffee machine for your business here.

Step Two: Pick your favourite coffee and more

Next up, time to pick your drinks. Whether you’re an office of coffee connoisseurs or looking for a classic crowd-pleaser, picking your perfect coffee whether whole bean, ground or instant is an important step in your path to finding the best coffee machine for your business.


What about the tea drinkers? We can’t forget them. And the occasional hot chocolate wouldn’t go amiss either…not a problem! With a variety of favourites to choose from, finding your perfect drinks menu couldn’t be easier – some of our machines even offer cold drinks and soups! 

Explore our full range of delicious coffees and hot drinks here.

Step Three: Find the perfect fit

You have a location and an idea of drinks you’re looking for, now it’s time to put them together and choose the best office coffee machine for the job.

For spacious environments with lots of staff, a floor standing large office coffee machine is just the thing and can be a real feature when it comes to your workplace! Short on space? A small tabletop bean to cup office coffee machine will do the trick for a fraction of the room.

Step Four: Choose how you’ll fill your new coffee machine

We’re nearly there. We know that every office coffee machine needs a little TLC to help serve your favourites time and time again. That’s why we have a dedicated in-house team who can keep your office coffee machine at it’s best – clean, filled and on the go.


Alternatively, we can work directly with your catering or facilities management team. If you’d like to take on the responsibility yourself and go for a DIY approach, we can offer some great tips to keep your machine up and running

Step Five: Add a few extras to go with your new machine

It wouldn’t be the best coffee machine for your office without a few finishing touches. Consider a contactless payment system to your machine to make paying for drinks quick and easy. Maybe add some delicious syrups to bring a burst of flavour to your latte.

Or perhaps pair your new office coffee machine with a snack machine to keep your team from getting peckish. These little extras really do go a long way to keeping your staff satisfied and performing at their best.

And it’s as simple as that. Become your office’s hero and find the best coffee machine for your business today. Explore our range of large office coffee machines today, or if you’re looking for something smaller, out our range of coffee machines for small offices here.

If you’re ready for some personal advice or would like to get a quote for once of our coffee machines, please click one of the buttons below.