The humble cup of coffee: a critical element to our day, an ever-present comfort, and an office essential. If you’re fuelling your busy team with the same old kettle or worse, leaving them to their own devices, you could be missing out on more than just a decent cup of coffee. But other than a delicious caffeine boost, what are the benefits of office coffee machines?

1. Boosting productivity in your office

Would you believe us if we told you that drinking coffee at work can make your team more productive? That’s right, there’s more to your office coffee machine than meets the eye… Caffeine not only improves mental alertness but can also help decision making and learning – cool huh?[1] So next time you’re looking for your next big idea, grab a cup of your favourite coffee – you won’t regret it! 

2. Helping build relationships amongst your staff

“Do you fancy a coffee?” Such a simple question but what an impact it can have in the workplace. The ritual of sitting down for a chat over a cup of coffee is one we’re all familiar with and can help us form and deepen relationships with our co-workers.[2] New starter in the office? Offer them a coffee. Colleague having a bad day? Offer them a coffee. Team meeting? Offer them a coffee. Need a favour? You know what to do…

3. Improving your employer brand

In the COVID world, the workplace has transformed itself into an entirely new experience and what you’re providing as an employer matters.  With 85% of employees feeling that quality coffee boosts morale, it’s time to seriously consider what your employer brand is saying about you!  So, when it comes to your hot drinks, ditch the tired old kettle and make sure your office coffee machine is your very own cheerleader.

4. Meeting your team’s expectations

We all love a good quality coffee. But did you know that the average Brit takes 18 hours a year out of work time going to the local coffee shop?[3] By the time you’ve walked to the shop, placed you order, waited around, and walked back the minutes really do add up. Claim your time back and give your team the café style favourites they crave with their very own Lavazza coffee machine in the office.

5. Boosting morale in your office

According to a study by Staples, a whopping 82% of people feel that coffee puts them in a better mood at work.[4] Could your next cup of coffee be the key to a happier working environment? Whilst an office coffee machine won’t solve all your problems (or write those reports due on Friday…), a good cup of quality coffee is a great place to start when it comes to keeping your team happy. And with a huge range of coffees, teas and more available, that’s enough to put a smile on even your grumpiest colleague’s face!

Enjoy the benefits of office coffee machines from Lavazza

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A coffee machine is such a small element in your office space, but it’s benefits can be immeasurable. Leading to a happier, more productive and more enjoyable office. Are you ready to see exactly how a high-quality coffee machine could benefit your office?

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