Coffee benefit one: It increases productivity

Whilst it’s widely known that caffeine improves mental alertness, did you know that it can help decision making and learning too? [1]. With 31% of employees highlighting coffee as one of the top ways to give themselves an energy boost at work. So a trip to the office coffee machine is a no brainer – especially to combat the post lunch slump discovered by a One Poll survey to be at 13:27[2].

Coffee benefit two: It boosts morale

A whopping 82% of people feel that coffee puts them in a better mood [3]. Just knowing that a good cup of coffee is waiting for them in the morning can make the commute to work a little bit easier. 61% of employees also feel their employer cares about their well-being if they provide hot drinks[4]. So whilst an office coffee machine alone won’t improve your company culture (or write those reports due on a Friday…), a good cup of quality coffee is a great place to start when it comes to keeping your team happy! 

Coffee benefit three: It helps colleagues build relationships

“Fancy a coffee?” – such a simple question, but what an impact it can have in the workplace. The ritual of sitting down for a chat over a cup of coffee is one we’re all familiar with. Plus, it can help us form and deepen relationships with our co-workers[5]. New starter in the office? Offer them a coffee. Colleague having a bad day? Offer them a coffee. Need a favour from someone? You know what to do…

Coffee benefit four: It provides health benefits

Stats shared by the World Coffee Portal highlight how drinking cups of coffee can improve our health[6]. They have found that drinking 1 cup of coffee a day may help to reduce depression by 8%, 3-4 cups can reduce chronic liver/fatty liver disease by 35% and 1.5 to 3.5 cups of coffee can reduce the likelihood of death over a 7-year period by up to 31%. 

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