How do I change a drink to my KLIX machine?

We hope you’re excited to try your tasty new drink!

Before getting started, check whether you have a KLIX Outlook or a KLIX Momentum machine then take the following instructions:

1. Open the door to your machine and check the back of your drinks label for information on your new drink type

2. With the door open, press the selection on your menu which will be changing

KLIX Outlook:

3. On the LED screen on the front of the machine, select the “Drinks Type” option

4. The current drinks type will display, if this does not match the type on your label press “change”

5. You will be asked if you need help, select “no”

6. Use the “+” and “-“ options to find the selection you need

7. Select “confirm” and close the door

KLIX Momentum:

3. Your selection option will appear on the touch screen to the right of your menu

4. Use the drop down “code” section to match the drinks code on the back of your label.

5. Once this has changed, a confirmation pop up will appear, select “ok” to proceed

6. Your new drinks selection will now appear on the touch screen

My KLIX cups have jammed, how can I fix it?

If you find your KLIX cups have jammed in your drinks machine and you’re able to access the inside of your machine, try out our simple guide to help get your machine back up and running.

To begin, take note of the stack which has jammed, turn your machine off and open the door. Depending on whether you have a KLIX Outlook or a KLIX Momentum machine, please follow the below instructions:

KLIX Outlook:

  1. Remove the machine drip tray and drum by squeezing the green handles
  2. Remove any damaged cups from the baseplate area
  3. Replace the drip tray and drum
  4. Close the main door and switch your machine back on to perform a test vend

KLIX Momentum:

  1. Life up the stack of cups and remove the bottom two cups by twisting them and pulling them down. The drip tray and drum can also be removed if this helps
  2. Replace the stack in the machine
  3. Turn the machine back on and press the button below the green A to check the carousel is moving freely
  4. Close the door and perform a test vend