Why a Micro Market?

Not sure if a Micro Market is the right solution for your business?

Here are some of the common reasons to consider a Micro Market:

Benefits of our Micro Market

Callum Lee

Meet our Micro Market expert

Callum would love to meet with you, discuss your company and help you understand if a Micro Market is the right solution for you. Complete the form below and Callum will get in touch shortly.

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With over 5 years’ experience in the Micro Market realm, and even longer in the workplace and OCS arena, Callum is our Micro Market expert. Starting in the tech side of the industry, Callum has in-depth insights into what makes a Micro Market work for companies in the UK.

His secret? He gets to know you. He insists on meeting every customer to understand what’s at the beating heart of your company and recognise what it is that drives your workforce.

Whether you are interested in upgrading employee experience, attracting new talent or increasing productivity, Callum will recommend the best set-up for you, no matter what your reason is for wanting to bring a Micro Market to life.

Callum is an active individual, with drive and passion for excellence. He’s a member of his local football team and enjoys the sense of community that it provides. He’s also building his family with his fiancé and enjoys going on trips away, especially to Dubai.

He enjoys a double espresso throughout the week but relaxes with an oat caramel latte on the weekend.


North America

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