As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, hygiene in the workplace has never been more important. Whether you’re returning to work, preparing for a return in the future or perhaps you never left, one thing is for certain – the way we’re working is changing. No doubt like all of us you’re asking yourself a million questions about how to reduce the risk of transmission in your workplace – where will everyone sit? How will we keep everyone motivated? How often should we be cleaning? What about our break rooms…

Hold it there! When it comes to minimising contact at your coffee stations, it’s time to take the stress away. Our KLIX and Flavia systems were designed with workplace hygiene in mind, so your team can feel comfortable enjoying your favourite drinks! So just how does a vending machine help your risk reduction goals?


So, let’s start with the drinks themselves. When it comes to manufacturing, our UK-based drinks factory team take a hands-off approach, and no, I don’t mean they’re sitting around drinking coffee all day! With our efficient and hygienic factory systems, none of our ingredients are ever touched by our manufacturing team, keeping contact to a minimum.

Not to mention, our specialised production process means that none of our coffee grounds are exposed to oxygen or the open-air, keeping those airborne germs at bay. With all ingredients sealed in their cup or Freshpack, the first person to come into contact with them will be you!


So, we know the drinks are safe, what about vending them? You may have noticed that with other coffee station favourites, like the kettle, the number of items you touch can really add up! When it comes to our KLIX and Flavia machines, a low-contact brewing experience is on the agenda, with minimal touch points and contactless payment options.

In the current climate, sharing is not always caring. With only water running through our machines, cross-contamination between drinks is avoided and our speedy vend times make crowded break room queues a thing of the past!


Workplace hygiene is an essential part of the return to work, and no piece of equipment is dodging a good clean! The sleek exterior of our KLIX and Flavia machines makes your cleaning routine easy – simply wipe thoroughly with a food contact safe disinfectant and pop any loose parts through the dishwasher. And when it comes to fixing, fewer parts definitely equal fewer problems. Our efficient machine technology cuts down on unnecessary visits from external technicians with an average of over 75 weeks between service calls.¹

So, there you have it folks, it really is that simple! Why not get in touch with our team of experts today to discuss Coronavirus risk reduction for your break rooms? Or find out more about our KLIX and Flavia machines here.

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75.6 weeks Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) up to December 2019 on KLIX machines, 190 weeks Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) up to December 2019 on FLAVIA machines