Yes, we know, there’s been a lot of unusual stuff going on this year. When we all carefully crafted our 2020 plans and budgets over the course of 2019, a global pandemic almost certainly didn’t feature in the list of considerations. So what now? Businesses of all shapes and sizes have been affected in different ways. Some booming, some busting, some adapting, some without a choice, some opening and some closing. Whatever this enormous curveball has thrown at you, it needs to be tackled, and wherever possible we need to get back to work when we can.

Time to put the kettle on and have a good, long think over a nice warm cuppa…

Oh wait a minute!

Who else has been back in the office? Has the kettle been cleaned recently? Has the kettle ever been cleaned? And as for the fridge, well the milk’s still in there from the pre-lockdown days so it might be time for a new one of those. One or two of the mugs in the cupboard still have lipstick stains on the rim and the rest are looking a few shades of grey darker than they once did. Come to think of it, the tea caddies are looking a bit tired too – how often are we going to schedule an anti-bac of those? Perhaps that could be included within the new teaspoon hygienic-maintenance schedule? Will have to get a quote for that…

Well this is all slightly overwhelming! Having spent most of this year avoiding contact with other human beings and all that they’ve touched, we’re now faced with sharing again. Plans worldwide are being implemented and enforced to limit our proximity to our fellow homo sapiens, yet we all remain bound by the simplest of things; the need of a restorative beverage.

So, in a world of complex business processes, the making of the tea is the newest entry on the list. How do we refine it? What’s our minimum viable deliverable? Could we keep the hot chocolate and risk the opportunity cost of the sugar? Is the dishwasher even in-scope?

Arrgghhh! There’s no time for this! It’s simple – don’t let people touch stuff! But how? Aha! Vending machines!


As we enter the world of the new normal, hygiene has never been more important! So what if we told you that your next drink was just a touch of a button away? No sharing milk, no dirty mugs, no arguments over the dishwasher, and no fuss! Don’t believe us? Let’s take a closer look…

Kettle vs Vending Infographic