April 08, 2019

Thinking about getting a hot drinks vending machine? Here are 5 reasons to go in-cup


When it comes to refreshing your workforce, vending machines can be the perfect solution and are at home in the busiest of workplaces. With a variety of hot drinks vending machines on the market, it can be difficult to choose which vending machine is right for you. At Lavazza Professional, we believe that in-cup vending machines are a great solution!


  1. No more messy break stations

    We couldn’t talk about hot drinks vending machines without talking about the mess that follows in their wake. Whether it’s ground coffee granules across the worktops or milk spillages on the floor, getting your cup of coffee can be messy work. But with an in-cup vending solution it doesn’t have to be – all our ingredients are neatly contained in their cup and ready to go – no mess, no fuss!

  2. Keep your drink tasting as it should

    We’ve all taken that fateful sip when you realise that your cup of tea has been ruined by the last person’s coffee – yuck! Many hot drinks vending machines use the same funnels to vend all drinks, making contamination inevitable. Not only can this leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, it can also allow allergens to pass from drink to drink and leaves sticky residue in the system. Because all of our ingredients are stored in their own cup, we make sure that you get your cup of tea – not someone else’s!

  3. Something for everyone

    Think you can’t get the drinks you want in a vending machine? Think again! With no contamination guaranteed, in-cup vending can give your workplace the freedom of choice. From classic teas and coffees to indulgent hot chocolates, filling soups and thirst-quenching cold drinks. With an in-cup vending machine, the possibilities are endless! Our KLIX machines offer an extensive menu from some of the nation’s best loved brands including Nescafe, Kenco, PG Tips, Knorr and Galaxy.

  4. Technology you can rely on

    “Steve, the vending machine is broken again!” Sound familiar? The pipes and chambers of traditional post-mix vending machines can give you stress when it comes to maintaining your machine. Fiddly parts can be tricky to clean and could mean more frequent service call outs. With simple colour-coded parts for cleaning and only water running through our machines, KLIX in-cup vending is technology you can depend on with an average of 83 weeks between servicing.¹

  5. Restocking couldn’t be simpler

    Refilling your vending machine can be a real chore, especially when it comes to keeping track of your loose ingredients. With an in-cup vending machine, the hassle of topping up beans and powders can be a thing of the past. Simply pop the cups into the carousel and you’re done! And if you really want to put your feet up, why not check out our fully managed service options?

At Lavazza Professional, we are experts in in-cup vending solutions. Inventing the first ever in-cup hot drinks vending machine, we’ve been fuelling workplaces since 1973. Want to learn more about our KLIX machines? Get in touch today.

¹83 weeks Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) up to November 2017 on all machines base