Made from Paper, Plastic Free

KLIX Eco Cup

We’re proud of our vending revolution, a step forward in plastic reduction, a solution for our customer to reduce their environmental impact.


Our special paperboard makes it recyclable, made with biodegradable paperboard from PEFC renewable sources

A step forward in plastic reduction

Not just a standard PE-lined paper cup: our special water-based dispersion barrier makes the cup plastic free.

What makes the KLIX Eco Cup unique?

Our KLIX Eco Cup is plastic-free, recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint than standard plastic-lined paper cups. This represents a breakthrough innovation, a first in in-cup vending, due to its special formulation that includes a water-based dispersion coating that makes it recyclable.

What is the cup made from?

Our KLIX Eco Cup is primarily made from paper from virgin wood fibre coated with a patented water-based dispersion barrier solution that is substituting the standard PE-lining that paper cups are generally made of.

The wood fibre used for the paper comes from PEFC™ certified sources, ensuring the cup is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

What is the water-based dispersion barrier?

Our KLIX Eco Cup is based on an innovative paperboard solution that substitutes the Polyethylene (PE) lined cup board that is commonly used for most of the standard plastic lined (PE) paper cups available in the market. The water-based dispersion barrier is a mixture of natural and synthetic polymers, closely related to the binders used in pigment coated paper. 

Increasing the recyclability of cups 

Reducing the use of plastics & waste sent to landfill

Switching to KLIX Eco Cup can lead to a reduction in environmental footprint of over 63%.



Paving the way for a more sustainable business