When it comes to a micro market supplier, do you know what customers value most? Whilst a wide range of good quality products is a priority, it’s rarely the very top item on the list. In fact, most companies in the UK pick a micro market supplier based on the level and quality of service they can provide. 

As a Micro Market supplier here at Lavazza Professional, we know what UK customers want because we’re asking the questions and listening to what they’re saying. We combine this unique insight with what national research from the Automatic Vending Association (AVA) shows, and once we’ve installed your Micro Café, we carefully monitor your staff’s purchasing patterns through a variety of methods. This allows us to understand how best to tailor your offer and adjust your service schedule to ensure your stock levels remain adequate to satisfy your employees.

Satisfied Micro Café customers…

Discover more about what the customers below were hoping to get out of their workplace Micro Café from Lavazza Professional:

Customer one: A medical research lab

One of our customers was deeply unsatisfied with the service they were receiving from an alternative micro market supplier – shelves were constantly empty and they weren’t getting any support. They were so disappointed that they considered giving up on the idea of a micro market solution and were ready to invest in an expensive on-site professional kitchen. 

Luckily, we were able to meet them before any new commitments were made to explain our Micro Café model. On the same day their old micro market was removed, we were able to get the customer up and running with their new Micro Café, causing minimal disruption to their workforce. Throughout our regular catch-ups with the site manager, they highlighted that employees found the initial coffee bean too strong, so we quickly replaced with a less intense bean to cater to their needs. This is just one small tweak we made to adapt to the customer and as a result, the staff, site manager and CEO have been singing the praises of their new Micro Café.

Customer two: A logistics company

The second customer had to shut down their on-site canteen during COVID due to costs and replaced it with a bank of traditional vending machines. As a small amount of the hybrid workforce returned to work, employees were frustrated and dissatisfied with the lack of quality foods on offer.

The company approached us about a Micro Café solution to increase employee engagement so, knowing that quality was a key benefit to staff, offering premium Lavazza coffee and quality food products was imperative to its success. 10 weeks after installation, staff were significantly happier with the Micro Café compared to their previous solution vending solution.

So, what do you get with a Lavazza Professional Micro Café?

Firstly, account management direct from the Lavazza Professional Micro Café specialist allows you to have tailored, expert conversations to ensure your Micro Café is perfect for your business needs. Building a Micro Café is a collaborative partnership, so any suggestions will be discussed, and no queries are too much.

Secondly, you’ll become a customer of one of the few truly national suppliers of micro market solutions with a fully trained in-house servicing team – Lavazza Professional Operating Services (LPOS). Unlike other micro market suppliers, keeping everything in house ensures we can maintain the highest levels of service, regardless of where in the UK your workplace is located.

If you’re interested in discovering our Micro Café solution and exploring how it could work for you, please get in touch – you’ll be taken through every aspect of the solution from pre-installation surveys all the way through to ongoing servicing and regular check-ups. Complete the form below to receive information regarding Moments Micro Café by Lavazza Professional, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your individual needs…


  • Callum Lee

    With five years’ experience in the Micro Market world, and even longer in the workplace and OCS landscape, Callum is our Micro Café expert.