From self-serve vending machines to fully equipped canteens, there are many ways to fuel your staff with food and drinks. But in our ever-changing, flexible and ‘always on’ world, there’s a growing need for the high-quality sweet spot in-between; widely referred to as a micro market. 

Whilst most micro markets are sufficient, we’re focused on providing you with a bespoke solution that helps you to successfully meet your business goals. With premium products and service, and the ability to help you bring coffee culture to life at work, discover the top three reasons why many UK businesses are investing in a Moments Micro Café from Lavazza Professional.

1. A Micro Café: Creates a sense of pride

92% of employees claim benefits are important to job satisfaction (MMB Research), meaning businesses need to a foster good working environment that boosts engagement and generates a sense of pride. From health and wellbeing services, to training days and more, the refreshments provided to fuel your workforce can play a vital role in your working environment.  

By offering premium products on-site such as authentic Italian Lavazza coffee, accompanied by top quality food and well-known snack brands, your employees can rest assured knowing that they are not only catered for, but thoughtfully considered too.  

2. A Micro Café: Removes barriers 

Removing fixed time barriers can help to promote a work-life balance. With a Moments Micro Café, there is no need for employees to feel restricted by set canteen lunch times and manned pay points, traditionally open during ‘normal’ business hours.  

Using payment apps and self-serve kiosks from 365 Retail Markets, staff can access quality hot drinks and food at any time of day, whenever it suits them.  Even with flexible workers spending more days at home, businesses have seen a rise in spend-per-head on food and drinks when they venture on-site (The Caterer).

3. A Micro Café: Gives back time 

Here at Lavazza Professional, we know every moment counts when it comes to operating a business. From initial discussions, through to installation and maintenance, our aim is to take the pressure off and allow you to spend time on the most valuable tasks to achieve business goals. 

As workplace coffee and vending experts, with years spent building micro market insights, we want to share the best recipe for making a Micro Café work for you. 

Get in touch to find out more about the Moments Micro Café and understand if it’s the right solution for you…


  • Callum Lee

    With five years’ experience in the Micro Market world, and even longer in the workplace and OCS landscape, Callum is our Micro Café expert.