As more businesses return to the workplace, many expect to make adjustments to the way they operate, seeking to ensure that their teams and visitors feel comfortable and safe in the environments they provide.

While many are rethinking their business models and the way their teams will work – some with a complete return to business as usual, others with remote working and several with blended hybrid models – the needs and priorities of each business are different. 
Albeit, every employer wants their organisation to be a great place to work. Employees should feel good about their company, their performance, their relationships, and themselves, so it’s important for businesses to find new and inspiring ways to help people connect, collaborate and get things done in their chosen way of working. 
Many will have missed face-to-face interaction and will look forward to quality time spent collaborating, sharing ideas, picking brains and catching up over coffee. The social workplace void will soon be filled – leading to greater employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity.
Happier employees are more productive, more creative and less likely to move on anytime soon.

Tailor break areas to suit your business

People enjoy getting together, so in the reimagined workplace, it’s important to look for new ways to use your space, so people can continue to enjoy a break socially distanced and safely. Consider how hybrid spaces or multi-purpose areas with breakout zones can give your teams the ideal opportunity to catch up and collaborate with colleagues. 
It’s a good idea to consider tailoring the drinks and technologies to suit each working environment. What works for one team may not work for another. Take views from around the business, see what people like in the office, in the warehouse or factory and ask your customers, too. Some drinks vending technologies, such as KLIX, even vend soup as well as hot and cold drinks! 
Workplace Bubbles - how our coffee machines and vending machines fit into your workplace

Can workplace bubbles create more opportunities for teamwork?

It may be time to think outside the box and turn old spaces into new break areas. Desktop systems such as FLAVIA are small and portable, perfect for spaces which were not originally designed for your team’s well-earned break. With more space and opportunities to grab their favourite drinks at work, your team is less likely to travel outside for food and drink, decreasing the risk of contaminants being brought back from less controlled environments.

Flavia Creation 600

Our latest FLAVIA technology small and portable, ideal for positioning in new break out areas or supporting a workplace bubble serving freshly brewed ground coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinks.

Bean to Cup

Bring people together with the ultimate coffee shop experience in the workplace serving premium Lavazza bean to cup quality coffee. Our compact table top machines are perfect for meeting rooms or visitor reception areas.

Workplace bubbles can be introduced to help prepare your team return to site and avoid queues in breakrooms and office spaces.

The UK has seen success with the formation of bubbles in society to manage the COVID-19 risk, such as between groups of school children. This allows for easier tracing, but also assists in containing any potential outbreaks before they spread further allowing for business continuity. 2/3 of workers are anxious about returning to the office*, so introducing your very own bubble system could help put your team’s mind at ease.

Distance selection technology

Quality break time experiences help to support well-being and drive productivity in the workplace

Coffee and workplace drinks are important to convey a sense of appreciation, which can stimulate engagement, improve moods to drive well-being, and bring focus and energy to fuel collaboration and productivity. Offering enjoyable quality drinks helps bring people together to collaborate, share, debate and help deliver workday triumphs, from the simple, to the monumental. 
Business environments that are vibrant, thriving, and alive with potential are often based on foundations of effective collaboration, engagement, well-being, and productivity. Quality break times are an essential part of any workday. Perfectly-prepared drinks are central to supporting team principles as they drive people to perform at their best while creating moments that give meaning and purpose beyond everyday tasks.  

Which drinks technologies can give your team a boost?

Whether you choose a floor-standing KLIX® instant drinks machine complete with a range of branded drinks serving a high foot-fall area in your retail or logistics space, a table-top FLAVIA® positioned perfect in your office environment, or a cutting-edge Bean to Cup machine serving freshly ground Lavazza coffee, the quality drinks you serve to your team and your visitors help show that you value them as individuals, encouraging better communication and relationships. 
It may seem small, but having hot drinks available in your workplace will help boost your brand’s popularity. The simple act of offering quality hot drinks can elevate your brand in the eyes of everyone who interacts with the organisation. Show that your brand cares about the people it is connected with. 


Our pioneering KLIX In-Cup technology ensures consistent quality and authentic taste every time - loved by you and trusted by our brand partners.


FLAVIA brewers use the unique Freshpack system that brews your drink direct from pack straight into your cup. No contact, no taste transfer between drinks.


The delicious premium taste of freshly ground Lavazza coffee served from bean to cup, guaranteed to satisfy coffee lovers in the most demanding workplaces.

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