Time for a drink? Getting the right mix of drinks in your workplace can be tricky! So we’ve prepared your very own menu from start to finish to perfect your hot drinks vending machine mix.

KLIX, our popular instant hot drinks vending machines, offer great flexibility when it comes to selecting a complete menu for your staff. Not only can you vend a great cup of coffee in just 17 seconds, but you can also offer your staff a wider range of tasty drinks and more…

First on the menu – coffee:

For a nation renowned for loving tea, did you know that coffee and tea now tie in first place when it comes to our favourite drink in the UK?[1] An office staple, coffee has truly earned its place on the map of your office hot drinks vending machine and the cost of missing it could be more than you think. Discover the benefits of coffee in your office.

Second, it’s just our cup of tea:

Though we love a great tasting cup of coffee, we simply can’t forget about tea! Dear to our hearts, a good old cup of tea is a treasured addition to any hot drinks vending machine. So when it comes to your workplace, why not go for a tea and coffee machine for your office and help settle the coffee vs tea debate for good.

Fancy something sweet? Add hot chocolate to your vending machine:

Did you know that sales of hot chocolate went up by 13% throughout 2020?[2] That’s quite an increase! With the UK love of hot chocolate flourishing, ensure it makes an appearance on your hot drinks vending machine menu – perfect for your sweet-toothed colleagues.

Treat yourself with something special

We all love a treat every now and then and your team are no different. So, when it comes to your hot drinks vending machine, it’s time to offer something a little more indulgent. With lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and more it’s time for a treat – go on, you know you’ve earned it…

Hungry for more? Try a soup:

Do your team get peckish between meals? Having a little something to snack on can go a long way and luckily we have just the thing. Beat that hungry feeling with a cup of tasty soup from your office tea and coffee machine – complete with crunchy croutons, yum! 

Keep your cool, you’re nearly there – time for a cold drink:

That’s a lot of drinks so far, but we have room for one more. Perfect for hot summer days, add a cold drink or two to your hot drinks portfolio. Deliciously refreshing and full of fruity flavours, you won’t regret it!

Voila, your hot drinks vending machine menu is complete! With a good mix of tea, coffee and more in your vending machine, you’ll always be on to a winner. If you’d like to know more about our KLIX vending machines, and discover if they’re a good fit for your workplace, click the button below.

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