Brace yourselves, it’s back to school time! And that can only mean one thing…no, not a run on the school shoe sections and stationary shops…there are teachers out there in serious need of coffee! Never fear our teaching heroes, Lavazza Professional is here to help you kick off your Autumn term in style with coffee machines to give you the caffeine boost you need to see you through to the Christmas holidays. So, where needs rescuing and why?


Was there ever anything quite so mysterious at school as the enigmatic staff room? For those of us who got a peek inside, it was quite the privilege. So why not make it a privilege for your teaching staff too? With your staff’s busy schedules, bring their favourite coffee shop favourites to them and transform your staff office and kitchen areas into the pupil free haven they deserve to be with something special. Froth your own cappuccinos, lattes and more with a FLAVIA Creation 600 – we promise it’ll be a class act.


They’re back with a bang and ready to tackle their A levels. Give your sixth formers the independence and variety they crave with their very own hot drinks vending machine. Our KLIX Momentum machine is perfect for colleges and sixth form centres with a selection of your favourite brands at your fingertips in under 17 seconds – A*s all around in our books.


Don’t worry, we promise you’re not in trouble! From overseeing the day to day running of the school, hosting Governors’ meetings, OFSTED inspections and everything in between – the life of a head teacher is a busy one. So, whether they’re having a private staff meeting or have called in little Johnny’s parents (for the third time this term) help them through their next meeting with their very own coffee machine. Small, mighty and portable, our Lavazza BLUE machines are perfect for private offices and small meeting rooms.


Visitors coming and going? Parent’s evening? Important guests? No problem! Get your conversations off on the right foot with a bean to cup coffee machine. Perfect for reception areas, greet your visitors with a real Italian coffee from Lavazza however they choose – cappuccino anyone?


With so many buildings and departments to look after and hungry students lurking every corner, make sure that refreshment is on hand at all times. Snack and cold drinks vending machines are just the ticket for grabbing a little something on the way to your next lecture (or maybe a pitstop on the way back from a night at the student’s union).


When it comes to hosting training courses, don’t let your coffee leave a bad taste in your delegates’ mouths. A bean to cup machine is perfect for impressing your guests on their coffee breaks. Why not try our bean to cup Coffee Corner for something extra special – biscuits, chocolates and syrups galore!

Want to learn more about how we can help your school, university or educational facility? With the option to take care of your drinks yourself or in the capable hands of our fully managed service experts, get in touch to talk to one of our team to talk through which of our range could brighten up your day.