August 06, 2020

Get Involved! Begin testing new products today


We’ve got two great opportunities for you to get involved with some exciting new product testing. You’ll be at the forefront of our drinks tasting trial and be the first to experience and give your opinion on our upcoming new KLIX® and FLAVIA® Drinks.

It’s a great opportunity to make sure that our innovations continue to meet the demands of taste buds in your workplace. Oh - and you’ll also get lots of delicious new drinks to try too!

For existing KLIX® customers, we’ll swap one of your workplace machines throughout October and January. You’ll give us your feedback by completing a simple questionnaire and through onsite visits from our team during the trial. Your contract will continue as normal, with the new machine and full range of premium indulgence drinks and soups provided at no extra charge.

For FLAVIA® customers, we’ll visit your site in September with a selection of new drinks to be tested on one of your current machines. You’ll get to sample some fantastic single pack indulgence drinks and give us your all-important feedback.

Spaces for both trials are limited so let us know if you’d like to participate by 5pm on Monday 10th August. For more information and to participate, contact