May 23, 2019

Making a splash! Just why is flavoured water so popular?


At Lavazza Professional we love a cup of flavoured water. It’s delicious, fruity and refreshing – the perfect cooler on a hot day! But did you know that in 2018 Brits drank an extra 33.5 million litres of it?1 In fact, the flavoured water category is experiencing almost twice as much growth as the plain water category with still flavoured water sales up by 11.1% in 2018.1 So why is flavoured water becoming so popular in the UK?


  1. We’re looking for low-calorie options

    In 2017, 64% of the soft drinks drunk in the UK were under 20 calories.2 Calorie-counting and health trends are on the agenda and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their diet on their health. So with Brits seeking healthier options, low calorie flavoured waters seem an obvious alternative to their more sugary comrades.


  2. It’s out with the fizz

    With the demand for low calorie drinks booming, it’s no surprise that in the USA water sales overtook cola sales for the first time in 2017.3 These trends are now coming to the UK with more of us reaching for healthier alternatives to traditional sugary fizzy drinks. Cutting out the fizz with a low-sugar flavoured water is a great way to stay hydrated and refreshed without worrying about the calories!


  3. Sugar is in the spotlight

    In recent years sugar has been brought front of mind when it comes to choosing a soft drink. After the announcement of the sugar levy in 2016, soft drinks companies have made a conscious effort to reduce the sugar in their drinks. So much so, that in 2016, 25% of the soft drinks industry would have been impacted, compared to only 12% in 2018!4 Flavoured water is the perfect low-sugar substitute when you’re looking for a drink to satisfy your sweet-tooth.

  4. Millennials are leading the way

    Some of the demand for healthier alternatives is being driven by millennials turning to low calorie options.5 With millennials being named the most health-conscious generation to date, it’s no surprise to see more low and zero calorie drinks brands popping up in the market.6 Having a flavoured water in your vending machine ensures that you are catering to you workforce’s growing need for low-calorie alternatives.


  5. But we're still looking for flavour

    In spite of the move towards healthier drinks, healthy does not mean tasteless! With new flavours making regular appearances in the drinks market, our taste buds are being treated like never before. And with both berry and citrus flavours in demand for 2019, why not check out our Summer Fruits and Lemon and Lime Flavoured Waters for a low-calorie option bursting with flavour?7


So why should I bring flavoured water to the workplace?

At Lavazza Professional, we know that having the right mix of drinks at work is essential to the productivity, well-being and engagement of your workforce. Make sure you have a drink to suit every taste and bring the latest drinks trends to your workplace with our delicious flavoured waters.


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