Available for KLIX systems - part of the Cold Drinks range

Cold Drinks

Summer Fruits Flavoured Water

Fantastically refreshing, low in calories and sugar - delivering hydration to the workplace and packed with raspberry and blueberry summer fruits flavours.

Refreshing and packed with summer fruit flavours of raspberry and blueberry.

Each revolutionary KLIX Eco Cup is made with PEFC™ sustainably sourced paper and is the first in vending not to use a Polyethylene (PE) lining, helping to increase the recyclability of cups and reduce waste sent to landfill.

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Nutritional information

Summer Fruits



Sugar, Acid (E296), Natural Flavouring, Glucose Syrup, Sweetener (E951*), Anti-caking Agent (E341iii).
*Contains Aspartame (A Source Of Phenylalanine)

Pioneering KLIX

In-cup technology

Ingredients are pre-sealed in the cup, the machine simply adds water. This technology concentrates the complex process of mixing ingredients away from the machine and ensures you get the purest flavour in every cup.

Easy restocking

Quickly and easily restock drinks and change offerings to suit the needs of your workplace

16 hot and cold drinks

Choose from multiple great tasting in-cup drinks with something to satisfy every team member

Payment options

Cashless, coin and KLIXKEY® payment options

Delivering on choice and taste

The hassle free in-cup technology supplies both 7oz and 9oz drinks with a fast 17 second vend time

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