May 11, 2019

Five Benefits of Having a Coffee Vending Machine in Your Workplace

Five Benefits of Having a Coffee Vending Machine in Your Workplace

It’s a fact – having a hot drinks vending machine in your workplace can boost your team’s effectiveness in many ways.

That's especially true when it comes to installing a high quality coffee vending machine.

For many of us coffee is an important fuel that helps to keep us on top form in our busy workplaces. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time available to make a great tasting cup of coffee. Installing a modern vending machine gives us that time. Having instant access to a hot, aromatic cup of coffee at any time of the day does wonders, especially for busy teams.

Here are 5 key benefits of having a coffee vending machine in your workplace:

1: Coffee helps us to focus and stay alert

Probably the most renowned positive effect of coffee – its ability to make us feel a little more perky. There’s a simple chemistry behind it: caffeine increases our “feel-good” neurotransmitters and blocks “feel-tired” receptors.

Of course drinking coffee all day non-stop won’t contribute to any teams wellbeing, however timely coffee breaks can be invaluable when a boost is needed. Coffee helps to energise and focus, enabling you and your team to be more effective when the pressures on.

2: Coffee can actually help with office related aches

Sitting down all day in front of the computer screen can result in annoying pains in the neck, back, wrists and arms. A study by Norwegian scientists* found that drinking coffee can help ease the pain a little, enabling us to stay more productive and focused during lengthy working hours.

3: Coffee makes us more team orientated

The University of California, Davis, conducted a study on the effects of coffee to understand whether drinking moderate amounts was good for team spirit.

The results were positive; coffee increases collaboration, enhances your team performance, co-operative behaviour, boosting group effectiveness and creativity.**

4: Coffee breaks help to fight stress

The social element of coffee breaks at any workplace truly stands out as to why organising a “coffee space” helps to improve working environments.

With their own coffee break rituals your team will engage and bond, developing a stronger sense of belonging.

It’s been proven that social aspect of enjoying a hot drinks together helps us to cope with the everyday stress related to our demanding careers.

It creates a social stress-coping club where just five minutes spent enjoying a cup of coffee with colleagues acts as a light form of group therapy. People laugh, make light about the stress of the day and generally let off steam before returning to work in a much more relaxed mood.

5: Easy access to quality hot drinks creates a better perception of your workplace

Improving your team’s contentment and productivity is a great benefit of having a coffee machine in your office. However, there’s another great bonus: access to quality hot drinks positively changes an employees’ perception of their workplace.

Of course, having a hot drinks vending machine in the workplace doesn’t guarantee a productive and happy working environment, there’s a little more to it than that. However, it’s hard to imagine a happy environment where a busy team don’t have easy access to hot drinks when they have a few moments free.

Treating your team to hot drinks when they want is a relatively inexpensive way to show your team that you care.

There’s a catch - quality matters! If you want your team to really appreciate their coffee breaks, choose a vending machine that delivers the coffee they love really does matter.

Old-fashioned industrial drip coffee might not be the best option. In fact, according to NCDT data, over 50% of workers who drink coffee at the office are not satisfied with their office coffee quality.***

Especially with younger teams who tend to prefer espresso-based drinks such as cappuccino, espresso, latte, café mocha and caffè Americano. Luckily, there are vending machines that can satisfy even the most demanding millennials’ more sophisticated tastes.

In Conclusion

As you can see, installing a high quality hot drinks vending machine in your office can have a very positive impact on your team.

Not only will it show your appreciation and “I care” attitude, it will boost your team’s productivity, efficiency and overall sense of satisfaction.

Besides, let’s be honest, it’s a relatively inexpensive perk that will have a great return on investment.