April 30, 2021

Breaktimes at work have never been more important: Here are six downright dreadful excuses we use for not taking one


The return to work following the COVID-19 pandemic is certain to bring with it a degree of normality that many of us have been craving. But with memories of eating lunch “al desko” and swapping coffee breaks for spreadsheets haunting many an office worker, it’s time to revolutionise the office breaktime!

With health and wellbeing top of mind as we emerge from lockdown, taking a break is more important than ever. So why are over half of us not taking our full breaktime?1 It’s time to call out your colleagues – no more excuses!


I'm too busy:

Ah, that old chestnut. It’s hardly surprising that 68% of those skipping their lunch break said they did so because they have too much to do.2 Though you may be busy ticking things off your to-do list, there is one thing you forgot to add – breaktime!


I feel too guilty:

Did you know, one in five of us feel guilty about taking a break at work?3 Whether it’s dreading returning to your inbox or your ever-growing to-do list, sometimes we can be our own worst, guilt-tripping enemies. Though it may seem counterproductive, did you know that taking a break can actually boost your productivity?4 Take some time out and your to-do list won’t know what hit it!


I feel fine without a break:

Ok, so you’ve skipped one lunch break, big deal! But what about the next one? And the one after that? Bad habits are hard to break, and work-related stress is nothing to be blasé about. So much so, that in 2019 The World Health Organization officially recognised burn-out as an occupational phenomenon.5 Whether it’s a stroll to the office coffee machine or taking every minute of your full lunch hour, claim back some time each day to unwind.


I’m too stressed right now to take a break:

Did you know that 79% of British adults in employment regularly experience work-related stress?6 With so many of us feeling stressed on a regular basis, it’s time to hit pause. A study by UCL found that taking a break at work can in fact reduce stress and improve your memory.7 So put the laptop down and be sure to take some time out for you in your workday – you’ll thank yourself.


I’ll just take one later…

Who do you think you’re fooling? We can see that fib coming a mile off!


There’s no space for a break:

Shockingly, 40% of businesses do not provide adequate break rooms at work.8 With breaktimes giving employers so many opportunities to get the best from their team, there's no good reason not to! At Lavazza Professional, we believe that everyone should have a decent breaktime. Get in touch today to start creating your break room by finding your perfect hot drinks vending machine today.


You’re out of excuses! Time to put your feet up with a cuppa…you know you’ve earned it! Want to make your breaktime extra special? Check out our range of hot drinks vending machines today or get in touch to chat to your local expert.


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