August 12, 2021

The Reimagined Workplace: Five Ways COVID-19 Has Changed the Way we Work

Since the beginning of the pandemic, COVID has impacted the way we do so many things in our daily life, from the way we shop, the way we socialise and of course, the way we work. But now that the majority of the UK’s COVID restrictions have lifted, just how many of the COVID-world changes are we taking forwards? Here are five ways your workplace may have changed since the pandemic began.


Hybrid working is here to stay

After 18 long months of working from home, perhaps unsurprisingly 72% of workers want a hybrid approach to their work schedule post pandemic1. If you choose to adopt a hybrid working model, it’s time to help your team make the most of their in-office days. With the office becoming a hub for collaborating and meeting with colleagues for much longed-for face-to-face meetings, it’s time to think about space! How will it be used and what is most important to your team?


Demand is high for social spaces

As fewer of us venture to the office each day, individual workspaces could well face a decline as options such as hot desking become more attractive. But what will replace them? With social interactions important for forming workplace relationships and greeting new colleagues, the office still has the job of bringing everyone together.2 It’s time to transform unused spaces and make way for new meeting rooms and collaboration areas to help these workplace relationships blossom.3 Put your office coffee machine centre stage in newly formed office social hubs with plenty of seating and room for brainstorming – perfect for getting the creative juices flowing!


Free time has become even more precious

When the plug on our out of home social lives was pulled back in March 2020, many of us found ourselves left with hours in the day to fill. Those DIY projects we’d put off for years started to get done and Zoom calls with loved ones became the order of the day.4 In fact, 73% of us believe that homeworking has improved our work life balance, allowing for more family time.5 So don’t be surprised if those colleagues who previously working through their lunch hour or stayed just an extra hour more may well be less inclined to do so. Be sure to put breaktimes firmly back on the agenda: they’re here to stay.


New technology is on the rise

Once we’d all cracked how to unmute ourselves, many of us have truly embraced the power of technology with 85% of us seeing our companies accelerate the adoption of new technologies to help employee interactions.6 So why should your workplace be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to your hot drinks machine? With cashless options key to many consumers and drinks technology designed to bring the real Italian coffee experience to your workplace – bring your office coffee machine into the 21st century.


Your employer brand has never been more important

The office is no longer the everyday humdrum routine it was pre-pandemic. Quite the opposite! The workplace has transformed itself into an entirely new experience and what you’re providing as an employer matters.7 With 85% of employees feeling that quality coffee boosts morale, it’s time to seriously consider what your employer brand is saying about you!8 So, when it comes to your hot drinks, ditch the tired old kettle and make sure your office coffee machine is your very own cheerleader.


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