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In modern-day society, good coffee has become an essential component in many of our daily routines, be it part of a morning ritual, a delicious cup of inspiration or the perfect pick me up when we need it most. If you were to ask a handful of friends or colleagues what is amongst the first things they do each day, it’s guaranteed that the majority of them will point towards a coffee machine or teapot.

‘Anything that’s wet and warm’ is rarely an option that many people choose. So it’s important that our work environments are able to provide the drinks that people need and enjoy to keep their work days on track. With a diverse taste for quality coffee ever-increasing, businesses have an opportunity to help satisfy their people as much as possible. 

The reputation you hold with your workforce, potential new recruits and other key stakeholders is the essence of your employer brand - and many businesses go to great lengths to cultivate how this is perceived. It helps to retain existing team members and attract even more of the best - in fact many people choose not to apply for roles with companies with a poor employer reputation.

Every business has an employer brand, whether it’s something you work on or not. It’s a reflection of your overall business culture and values, and goes far beyond the financial compensation you offer.

Making great coffee, and other quality drinks available to your workforce is one way that businesses are able to reinforce their employer brand values with a very personal, tangible and enjoyable perk!


There are many ways that employers choose to show they value their people and recognise their achievements in the best possible way. It’s really important to signal that you care about your team’s time and how they spend it. It’s not just about bonuses! Whether people are working hard for the company, taking a break or making a meeting, time is important. Offering quality drinks in the workplace is a great way to show you care about the time and effort they put in. 


It might seem like a small gesture, but hitting those tastebuds in all the right ways can feel like so much more. It’s a perfect way to demonstrate that you are considerate of their wellbeing and that they remain as comfortable, refreshed and energised as possible in the work setting that you provide.


We all know that coffee can help us to stay sharp and alert, boosting cognitive ability and increasing reaction time. The energising benefits of a fresh cup of coffee can quickly translate into how effectively we perform at work. Employees with readily-available coffee often perform better and are more engaged with their work, with improved communication whilst building stronger relationships.

Moderation is important with so many of the things we enjoy.  Drinking coffee isn’t for everyone throughout an entire day - so it’s important that we have options and variety available to balance our thirst for great coffee. Quality tea, hot chocolate, cold drinks and water will all help to hit the spot around the clock.




It’s a good idea to consider tailoring the drinks and technologies to suit each working environment. What works for one team may not work for another. Take views from around the business, see what people like in the office, in the warehouse or factory and ask your customers, too - see how you can serve them with the drinks that they like most. Some drinks vending technologies, such as KLIX®, can even serve soup and porridge!



In recent times, hygiene has become more important than ever to us all. Every business understands how essential it is to adopt and implement COVID safe systems to make sure everyone is protected.

The way we work has changed so much, with greater precautions in place to improve workplace cleanliness, the hot drinks solutions you are able to provide are an obvious consideration. Implementing solutions that are designed with hygiene in mind, such as contactless drinks selection and payment options, and using machines that are easy to clean and maintain, all help to give the people in your workplace peace of mind in your COVID secure environment.

It’s good to avoid queues building up at the coffee machine or in the break room, so look for ways to speed up the whole process - it will help to keep people safe and also helps to keep work days on track. Download our handy guide to adapting your break room below.

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Good coffee helps to facilitate so many of our social and business interactions, from chatting with coworkers over coffee at break times to enjoying a freshly prepared drink during important meetings or networking.

For many businesses, coffee offers a comfort and can be a conduit for free flowing communication, relationship building and information sharing. We tend to associate coffee with conversation, inspiration and hard work - so by having good coffee available in your work environment, you're signalling that this is a place where these values can flourish.

It’s not all about the hard work to get the job done. We all enjoy a break and all need them - at a time when we’re finally starting to value our mental wellbeing, we understand how taking time out during the day helps us perform better, and as a result, become more productive. The presence alone of a quality drinks offering in the workplace is a clear signal that your business cares about team wellbeing as much as you value all the hard work.


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