February 11, 2021

Keep the change! Five reasons it’s time to add contactless to your vending machine:



1. Coronavirus

With more people concerned about the items they’re touching and fewer cashiers accepting coins and notes, it’s hardly surprising that 71% of people are using less cash since the pandemic began.¹ That means fewer trips to the cash point and fewer coins in our pockets – spare change really is becoming sparing!

So, when it comes to your vending machine, why not take away the worries with a contactless payment reader? With contactless payment options, your team can get their favourite snacks and drinks safe in the knowledge that workplace hygiene top of mind!


2.  Society is going cashless

Put yourselves back eighteen months to a world without COVID-19, how often did you use cash going about your day to day business? Maybe the odd coffee or parking ticket here and there, perhaps? Truth is, the UK was fast becoming a cashless society before COVID-19. In fact, in 2019 cash only made up 23% of all payments – down from a whopping 58% in 2009!²

With the UK’s love of cashless firmly embedded, it’s never been more important to meet the expectations of your team. With 50% believing coins are outdated³, the answer couldn’t be simpler: it’s time for a cashless reader!


3. Avoid the dreaded Emergency Coin Scramble:

“What do you mean it doesn’t take card?!” Cue: The Emergency Coin Scramble. That frantic pat down of your pockets which sends you diving to your coat/car/desk drawers/depths of despair for whatever loose change has been hiding under the fluff and rubbish for goodness knows how long…

Sound familiar? If only there was a way to end the frustration! Our cashless payment readers are easy to install and makes sure that everyone gets that well deserved snack or drink despite what change they have in their pockets.


4. Keep up with the latest payment trends

Ok, so now we can pay for drinks and snacks with cash or card, that’s surely enough payment choice – right? Wrong! Over a quarter of smart phone users are predicted to be using their phone to make in-store payments by 2023? This growing trend is certainly one to watch!

With UK consumers using so many different payment methods, why not try a contactless card reader which can accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and more?


5. It’s time to ditch the admin

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money”, but do you find that money takes up all your time? With a new cashless payment reader cash handling admin can become a thing of the past. At Lavazza Professional, we know that you could do without the hassle! That’s why installing a cashless payment reader to your hot drinks or snack vending machine couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch with your Account Manager today and our team will arrange the rest.


Think a cashless reader may be on the money for your vending solution? Get in touch today to discuss setting up cashless on your hot drinks, cold drink and snack vending machines!


¹ Read more here ² Read more here ³ Contactless Payments Booklet, Vendman ⁴ Read more here