As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, hygiene in the workplace has never been more important, especially with the Omicron featuring in the latest update from Downing Street.

Figures taken from the 2017 Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey found that employees lose an average of 30.4 working days a year due to sickness, or illness-related underperformance.

Whether you’re in a role responsible for workplace benefits, risk assessments, or a regular workplace hero looking to make a difference for your colleagues; one common concern for all businesses is how to fuel productivity whilst keeping employees motivated and relieve anxiety when required to be onsite.

When it comes to minimising risk whilst socialising during break times and within meetings, there are several factors to consider:

Consider upgrading your drinking station

A recent survey by Wren Kitchens* found that the kettle comes out on top as the least cleaned kitchen item, in fact it found that 7.2 million Brits have never even cleaned their kettle!

Therefore, more offices are opting for a high-quality, low contact and easy to disinfect hot drink machines. Not only does this help reduce the number of points of contact that will have with the facilities, but it also guarantees delicious ‘pick-me-up’ drinks that will help increase your staff’s morale.

Read on to discover how our range of hot drink machines can help you improve your office hygiene and protect your staff from Omicron variant of Corona Virus.

Alternatively, you can have a look at our recommended hot drink machines by clicking here and selecting your office environment.

What to ask vending suppliers about their drinks supply chain

When it comes to manufacturing, Lavazza Professionals operate a UK based drinks factory team  

Our efficient and hygienic factory systems, none of our ingredients are ever touched by our manufacturing team, keeping contact to a minimum.

Not to mention, our specialised production process means that none of our coffee grounds are exposed to oxygen or the open-air, keeping those airborne germs at bay.

How can vending machines minimise touchpoints?

So, we know the drinks are safe, what about vending them? You may have noticed that with other coffee station favourites, like the kettle, the number of items you touch can really add up! When it comes to our hot drinks machines, a low-contact brewing experience is on the agenda, with minimal touch points and contactless payment options.

In the current climate, sharing is not always caring. With only water running through our machines, cross-contamination between drinks is avoided and our speedy vend times make crowded break room queues a thing of the past!

Should you consider additional cleaning maintenance?

Workplace hygiene is an essential part of the return to work and keeping staff feeling safe in the office. No piece of equipment is dodging a good clean! The sleek exterior of our hot drinks machines makes your cleaning routine easy – simply wipe thoroughly with a food contact safe disinfectant to protect your staff.

And when it comes to fixing, fewer parts definitely equals fewer problems. Our efficient machine technology cuts down on unnecessary visits from external technicians. Take our KLIX machines for example, it has an average of over 75 weeks between service calls.¹

So, there you have it, it really is that simple! Get in touch with our team of experts today to discuss Coronavirus risk reduction for your break rooms. Or find out more about our Hot drinks machines here.

75.6 weeks Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) up to December 2019 on KLIX machines, 190 weeks Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) up to December 2019 on FLAVIA machines