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We’re passionate about making a positive difference that goes far beyond our own business, helping customers return to work safely and effectively, improving cleanliness, minimising machine contact to reduce the chance of transmission.

The way we work has changed a lot, with increased precautions in place to improve workplace cleanliness. Our range of hot drinks machines have already been designed with hygiene in mind with contactless selection options, easy to clean and maintain machines plus a range of contactless payment options.

what’s inside

Hands-Off Production
To reduce the risk of transmission, none of our drink ingredients are ever touched by our manufacturing team

Coffee, Made Safe
With our specialised production process, none of our coffees are exposed to oxygen or the open air - which protects them from airborne germs to reduce the chance of transmission

Germs Stay Out, Freshness Stays In
Our Freshpacks stay completely sealed until the moment they’re brewed—and our KLIX® in-cup technology keeps ingredients fresh and safe until the moment they are served.

It’s all in the brew

Our KLIX® and FLAVIA® systems were designed with hygiene in mind.

No cross contamination 


Only fresh hot water makes contact with ingredients a FLAVIA® FreshPack™ or KLIX® cup, so there’s no flavour transfer from someone else’s drink.



Avoid lines in the break room with FLAVIA® drinks brewing in under a minute and KLIX® in under 20 seconds.

Low contact brewing 


Minimise contact and improve personal hygiene with KLIX® and FLAVIA® machines. After just a few taps, your drink is ready to go

KLIX machine cleaning
Workplace Hygiene

It Clean

Fewer Parts, Fewer Problems
With an average time of 75.6 weeks between service calls for KLIX®* and 190 weeks between service calls for FLAVIA®* you can have peace of mind that the machines have minimum exposure.

The sanitation of coffee machines has never been more important. Reduce the chance of transmission and improve cleanliness with the streamlined exterior of KLIX® & FLAVIA® machine which can be cleaned and cared for using many different methods of disinfection.

Hygiene at work 

Our entire range of advanced Bean to Cup Machines are designed to work hard in the workplace, delivering premium coffee shop quality drinks with contactless coffee machines.

Distance Selection 

The latest ‘Distance Selection’ technology helps to minimise contact, reduce the risk of transmission and means users can select, collect and enjoy their workplace beverages without making any physical contact with the machine.

Touch screen

*190 weeks Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) up to December 2019 on Flavia machines and 75.6 weeks on KLIX machines. 


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