For many people, in life and at work, coffee dictates so much of how we lead our modern-day lives. It's one of the first things we reach for when we wake and stays by our side until the end of the working day. 

But the power of great coffee (and other quality hot drinks) extends much further than simply keeping people alert and energised. In fact, by offering a perfect cup of coffee in a workplace or business setting, you are more likely to encourage people to want to work with you, build a greater bond with your organisation and those around it. 
Here’s how offering the perfect range of hot drinks can give your business a boost in more ways than one! 

The perfect cup can show that you care

Most people like to know that their individual needs are considered and that their efforts are valued - it’s true for colleagues or co-workers, potential clients and important visitors. When you offer quality hot drinks in your work or business setting, it can be a direct reflection of how much attention you pay to each relationship, and an individual’s contentment and well-being.

The simple act of offering a great cup of tea or coffee indicates you want your visitors to feel comfortable and at ease – the more high quality options you have available helps to ensure that you can satisfy the diverse tastes of people today. This will always reflect well on your company, on you as an individual and also says a great deal about your brand and business culture.

Boosting Business

serve the perfect drinks in your workplace

Hygiene in mind

Serviced to our standards

Serving hot drinks hygienically and safely in today's world

Adding to the positive experience of your business and brand

Your business brand is far more than the products sell and service you deliver, it’s also about how people see your organisation, the way it makes them feel and where they see the value – encompassing the overall experience with every touchpoint.

In isolation, a real Italian coffee experience may not be central to closing a deal or motivating a entire workforce – but it is sure to make an tangible impact on how your people look at how you approach the relationships you hold with them, and it undoubtedly adds a warm touch to the whole experience as an employer, supplier or partner.

Great ice-breaker in any meeting

When greeting a prospective client for the first time or meeting a new team member, is there anything better to encourage a positive conversation than a perfect cup of aromatic coffee to help kick off the relationship? And is there much worse than being served a terrible one?  It’s important not to leave a bad taste in the mouth!

Serving a perfectly prepared cup of tea or coffee helps to demonstrate how you do business, how attention to detail and expectations of quality are important to you and your business. Good coffee helps to set up your meeting on a positive note and is part of what makes those attending feel alert and comfortable whilst you get to know each other and get down to important business.

Encouraging better relationship building

Many people do their best communicating over a coffee. Good drinks are a constant when it comes to relationship building from chatting with co-workers to attending the most important meetings. Most people tend to build a better bond with their environment or find it easier to be open and creative when they’re surrounded by people they are most comfortable with.

Whether you choose a floor-standing KLIX instant drinks machine complete with range of branded drinks serving a retail or logistics space, a table-top FLAVIA positioned perfect in your office space, or a cutting-edge Bean to Cup machine serving freshly ground Lavazza coffee – the quality drinks you serve to your team and your visitor help to show that you value them as individuals, encouraging better communication and relationship building.

It may seem small, but having hot drinks available in your workplace will help boost your brand’s popularity. The simple act of offering quality hot drinks can elevate your brand in the eyes of everyone who interacts with the organisation and show that your brand cares about the people it is connected with.


Our pioneering KLIX In-Cup technology ensures consistent quality and authentic taste every time - loved by you and trusted by our brand partners.


FLAVIA brewers use the unique Freshpack system that brews your drink direct from pack straight into your cup. No contact, no taste transfer between drinks.


The delicious premium taste of freshly ground Lavazza coffee served from bean to cup, guaranteed to satisfy coffee lovers in the most demanding workplaces.