June 06, 2019

The Results are in: A Handy Guide to our Favourite Hot Drinks


Have you ever wondered if you’re in the minority when it comes to your tea and coffee drinking habits? At Lavazza Professional we’re on a mission to find the UKs favourite hot drinks and have conducted a survey to find out! The results are in, so what did we find?


Tea vs. Coffee - Who Triumphed?

So let’s start with answering the big question – who won the battle between tea and coffee? In fact, most people drink both – with 53% enjoying a cup of either, everyone’s a winner! But who claimed that crucial second place? A whopping 29% of people preferred to drink coffee only, with just 11% drinking tea alone, putting coffee in the lead in the race for our favourite hot drinks.


Let’s take a closer look at coffee…

With nearly a third of us drinking coffee only, how do we prefer to take it? 63% of people preferred a milkier coffee with 39% taking just milk and another 24% going for milk and sugar. With milky coffee being top of the menu, it’s no surprise to find that the latte was voted as the coffee of choice! With the Americano and Cappuccino hot on latte’s heels, café-style coffee is a must have for UK consumers.


How about tea?

Once again milk came out top with a whopping 69% of respondents taking milk in their tea either with or without sugar. Although black tea was voted as the favourite brew, variety is the spice of life when it comes to the traditional cuppa with one third of participants saying that they also drink green, fruit and herbal teas occasionally.


So, how many hot drinks are we drinking?

On the whole, around two thirds of respondents are drinking between one to four cups of tea and coffee per day. Our results found that those drinking 1-2 cups per day are more likely to be drinking tea. In comparison, those drinking 3-4 cups are more likely to pick coffee!


When are we drinking hot drinks?

Although drinking habits vary throughout the day, coffee was a clear winner for the morning drink of choice with 65% of people picking this over any other drink! Afternoon tea is also on the cards with 40% of us enjoying a cup of tea and 45% of us enjoying a coffee in the afternoon. In fact, caffeinated drinks are only knocked off the top spot before bed time when 53% of us would rather have a different hot drink to send us off to sleep.


Were there any differences between ages?

With millennial preferences being a hot topic, did we find any differences between the generations? It is clear from our survey that those under 45 are drinking fewer cups of tea and coffee than the over 45s, but are there any differences in what we’re drinking? Under 55s have a sweeter tooth, with more of them taking a sugar in both tea and coffee than their older colleagues.  Whereas millennials are rejecting dairy, with a higher percentage of under 35s taking their coffee black.


At Lavazza Professional, we have a drink to suit every taste, explore our drinks range here and find your favourite hot drink or sign up for a free trial today!