November 16, 2020

Vending made easy – Myth-busting five misconceptions about workplace vending machines!

David Harrison, National Sales Director



Is it time to say goodbye to your office kettle? Maybe your water boilers or hot taps aren’t the crowd pleaser you hoped they would be when you first installed them? Or perhaps the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is making you look at the mug cupboard with a little more concern? It’s time to bring in a workplace vending machine, but that sounds like a lot of hassle…

Think again! It’s time to bust five common misconceptions about getting a drinks vending machine for your workplace.


Don’t I need to fill up the machine? That will take a long time!

At Lavazza Professional, we believe that vending is all about convenience. So instead of worrying about which coffee machines need restocking when, claim your time back with our fully managed service option. Leave the filling and maintenance to one of the 120+ local experts in your area and you’ll never need to worry about keeping a well-stocked vending machine again – simple! With flexible fill times and market leading service, your vending machines can fit in around you. What’s more, this year we were proud to bring this service in-house to create an easy one-stop-shop for our customers’ vending needs so finding the perfect solution for you couldn’t be easier.


But I can’t get a vending supplier to cover my area…

Wrong again! Serving a broad range of customers large and small with locations across the UK, we know how important it is that your vending supplier can serve your team wherever they are, Cornwall to Inverness, Anglesey to Norfolk. Lavazza Professional via our new in-house operating team are proud to offer vending services in every post code across the UK, so your team can have the quality drink they deserve no matter where they’re based!


Aren’t vending machines hard to keep clean?

2020 has officially put hygiene on the agenda and it’s here to stay! Vending is perfect for high footfall environments and is a great way to support your employees with a hygienic solution. Our vending machines are built with hygiene in mind with limited touch points, cashless payment systems and even distance selection. Dishwashers and shared crockery have become a thing of the past as employers focus on workplace hygiene, with vending solutions being recommended by many workplace unions. Check out how many touch points you kettle could have here – yuck!


A vending machine can’t be as sustainable as the alternatives

Often it can be easy to easy to overlook the environmental impacts of loose ingredient drinks solutions. By the time you’ve considered energy and water usage, running dishwashers, managing and purchasing your ingredients (including keeping a fridge up and running for fresh milk!), complicated cleaning routines and the overall labour that goes into your cup of coffee from the beans to the ceramic mug – your environmental footprint has grown, as has the cost of running such a complicated operation! At Lavazza Professional, we know our customers take sustainability seriously, so we do too. That’s why this year we were proud to introduce the revolutionary KLIX Eco Cup. A first in vending, the KLIX Eco Cup is biodegradable, PEFC® certified and can even be recycled with normal paper waste where recognised by your waste management provider. We’ve had some great successes working with customers across the country, helping them to reduce their carbon footprint and improving recycling solutions through introducing vending. Find out how switching to a KLIX Eco Cups could lower your carbon footprint here.


Won’t my team have to carry change around?

Let’s face it, sometimes having a pocket full of change just isn’t practical! Especially if you’re in a fast-paced work environment where you’re constantly on the go. In fact, only 23% of all payments last year were made using cash* and with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that’s set to decrease even more. So, when it comes to your vending machine you can forget about adding up your coppers, our KLIX machines come with cashless payment systems – complete with contactless payment options making loose change a thing of the past and transforming your business into a cash free environment!


Consider those myths officially busted! Want to learn more about drinks vending machines? Get in touch today to find out more about trying out a fully managed vending service for your workplace.




*Read the full story here