September 10, 2020

Seven Workplace Hygiene Tips to Get your Breakroom Ready for the Return to Work



Let’s face it, 2020 has hardly been business as usual! Looking back over the year, it’s surprising how much our workplaces have adapted to move with the strange times we’re living in, making workplace hygiene king. But with breakrooms being a hub of catching up with colleagues and office chit chat, can they adapt as quickly as the rest of your workplace? Absolutely! And here’s how…


Keep numbers to a minimum

So, we’ll start with the basics. Yes, your team are spread out throughout the workday, but when lunch time rolls around carnage descends on the breakroom! Manage the risk of transmission by keeping check on the number of people allowed in your breakroom at a time. Remove unnecessary chairs and tables to prevent people sitting too closely together and allow everyone to have their space. Perhaps putting a rota in place would work a treat for your teams? And if your workplace is using masks, encourage your team to continue wearing them in break areas.


Say goodbye to coffee queues

Ok so there are fewer people in the breakroom now, but they’re all loitering in the same place waiting for their cup of tea…now what? Make break time queues a thing of the past with speedier vend times. With our KLIX® machine, you could get your next drink in as little as 17 seconds – perfect for Coronavirus risk reduction!


Make hand sanitiser more handy

Not every breakroom has a convenient sink for regular handwashing, so hand sanitiser is a must when it comes to reducing the chance of transmission. Why not set up hand sanitising stations around your breakroom so that hand hygiene is always top of mind? Pair these with posters to remind people to wash their hands for 20 seconds – just enough time while you wait for your drink to brew!


Minimise unnecessary touch points

With many breakroom regulars like the kettle, the touch points between you and your cuppa can really add up! Minimise contact with a KLIX® or Flavia® machine - a few taps and you’re away! With contactless payment options and no cross contamination, the only person to touch your drink will be you.


Make food and drinks to-go

Instead of hanging around the breakroom, ask your team to take their food and drink back to their workstations or larger areas where they can space out. Offer disposable cups and utensils to make sink backups and shared items a thing of the past, reducing the risk of transmission. But what about the environmental impact? Our KLIX® machines have a wide range of products available in our new KLIX Eco Cups which can be recycled with normal paper waste where recognised by your waste management provider.


Add more co­ffee areas

Finding it difficult to keep everyone in check in one place? Time to think outside the box and turn old spaces into new break areas! Our Flavia® machine is small and portable, perfect for spaces which were not originally designed for your team’s well-earned break! With more space and opportunities to grab their favourite drinks at work, your team is less likely to travel outside for food and drink, decreasing the risk of contaminants being brought back from less controlled environments.


Keep it clean

With staggered breaktimes and people coming and going, it’s important to keep break stations clean and tidy. Our KLIX® and Flavia® coffee machines are quick and easy to clean with food contact safe disinfectant – perfect for keeping on top of the cleaning!


Want to learn more about Coronavirus risk reduction in your breakrooms? Get in touch today or find out more here.