August 14, 2020

2020: The Year of the Workplace Health Kick


Ok, it’s confession time…have you been looking after yourself during lockdown? Maybe you've been craving the gym reopening and have worked your way through every home exercise video going. Or perhaps you’ve been frequenting your local takeaway too often than you're prepared to admit – who isn’t on first name terms with their local delivery driver anyway? Whatever you've been up to, a health kick is on the agenda!


So as more of us return to work, are you ready to cater for the healthy requests from your team coming your way?


Top Tip 1 - Time to check out your drinks menu

With many healthier drinks options such as fruit juice and smoothies having high calorie counts, it’s important to check out what you’re drinking - so let's start by taking a look at the drinks inside your KLIX® machine! At Lavazza Professional, we know that a light guilt-free refreshment is just as important as your much-needed afternoon indulgence when it comes to giving your team choice at work. That's why we've brought three deliciously hydrating flavoured waters to our KLIX® range! All under 10 calories with combinations of fruity flavours for every taste! Explore our Cold Drinks range today


Top Tip 2 - Make healthy snack swaps

We all need a little something now and then to keep us going throughout the day. And sometimes it can be hard not to reach for the biscuit tin! Why not ensure snacks are on hand for all the team by making options such as fresh fruit and healthier alternatives available? Get in touch with your account manager today to find out our recommendations for your workplace.


Top Tip 3 - Try fresh thinking with a FLAVIA® Machine

Did you know that a whopping 80% of tea brands are seeing growth in drinks supporting health and wellness?* Don’t miss out on the next big trend and bring the power of herbal to your workplace with our health and wellbeing infusions for FLAVIA®. With no artificial ingredients and natural herbs and floral flavours, treat your team to a drink that’s revitalising and full of goodness! For a delicious range of freshly brewed teas and coffees why not check out our FLAVIA® range?

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