It can be hard deciding what drink solution would be best for your workplace – do you need a hot drinks vending machine or a smaller office coffee machine?

Here in the ring to battle it out: KLIX – our in-cup vending machine vs FLAVIAour smaller coffee machine. Who wins – you decide!


Our KLIX hot drinks vending machine gives your team a faster and easier way to enjoy the drinks they want. With up to 16 drinks selections, from coffee, teas, hot chocolate, soups, flavoured water and more, the wide range has something for everyone.

Ideal for fast-paced work environments, the reliable free standing KLIX machine is easy to manage, low maintenance and has multiple payment methods from cashless, coin operated or pre-paid KLIXKEY.

The in-cup technology means each cup is pre-filled with the ingredients and only hot water is added, meaning there’s no cross contamination between drinks. This ensures no passing of allergens and keeps each drink tasting just the way they should.

Restocking couldn’t be simpler as the cups are quickly and easily added to the carousel, or with a fully managed service this can be taken care of, so you can relax knowing the machine is always fully topped up.


Our FLAVIA office coffee machine is perfect for offices and smaller spaces, such as visitor areas. It’s high performing, hassle-free technology delivers drinks in under 40 seconds, keeping waiting time to a minimum.

The compact countertop machine design is reliable and easy to use, and with a choice of over 20 drink selections, from tea, coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate – it’s a winner in anyone’s book.

Reliable and easy to use, the FLAVIA can be plumbed in or hand filled with water, meaning you can easily transport the machine and are not limited as to where it is placed.

Due to the simple FreshpackTM system, each drink is mess-free. Simply pop the FreshpackTM into the machine, press and go! All ingredients are packed within the FreshpackTM meaning the machine just adds water – keeping each drink tasting great without any contamination.

Both KLIX and FLAVIA deliver great tasting drinks, quickly, without any hassle. Still undecided? View the full range, here.