Did you know that the UK drinks 95 million cups of coffee per day?[1] That’s a lot of coffee, but making the perfect cup takes something special…so how does it work?


Step 1: Harvest with Care:

A great cup of coffee starts right at the beginning. The coffee plant flourishes in warm, humid climates and is grown by over 25 million small coffee producers worldwide. With each coffee cherry containing two coffee beans, these are carefully handpicked from the plants or can be harvested at once then the cherries sorted for quality, ensuring only the ripest cherries are used for your coffee.

Step 2: Process with Quality in Mind:

Now you have your coffee cherries, it’s time to process them. This can be done one of two ways. The first method is dry processing, but what does this mean? Simply put, cherries are left to dry then hulled to retrieve the beans inside. Alternatively, there is, you guessed it, wet processing. Here cherries are pulped, the beans are fermented in water then left to dry.


But does it matter how your beans are separated from the cherry? Absolutely! How your coffee cherries are processed can create different aromas and flavours to bring your cup of coffee to life. To get these flavours just right, tastings called “cuppings” are conducted at origin to test the quality of the coffee crop.

Step 3: Blend with Precision:

We’ve now got some great tasting coffee beans, but it doesn’t stop there! Just like your favourite cocktail bar, we know that mixing your components together can truly create something magical. By blending a variety of coffee beans, unique flavour combinations are born that could not be achieved through 100% Arabica or Robusta beans alone.

Step 4: Expertly Roast:

Once the coffee beans have been blended, it’s time for roasting. Beans are heated to up to 230°C, causing them to expand, change in colour and unlock the aromas of the coffee you know and love. Carbon dioxide is released causing the bean to “crack”, depending on the darkness of the roast this can happen once or twice. The longer you roast your beans, the more intense the flavour – simple!

Step 5: Find your perfect coffee:

With so many great tasting coffees out there, it’s time to start tasting them to find your favourite! Looking for something bold and intense? Or perhaps a more aromatic blend? Maybe an espresso is your go to coffee, or is a frothy cappuccino your daytime treat? Whatever your preference, with an extensive range of drinks perfect for the workplace, finding your favourite (or perhaps your top three!) couldn’t be easier.

Step 6: Serve Perfectly Every Time:

At Lavazza Professional, we understand that finding the right office coffee machine is essential for fuelling your team. Whether you’re looking for fresh beans, instant favourites, freshly ground coffee or perhaps a bit of everything, our experts are available to discuss the perfect drinks menu and coffee machines for you.

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