Whenever I visit my local coffee shop, I can’t help but notice that the menu seems to grow every time! People are becoming more and more interested in the coffee they’re drinking and there is an ever-growing demand for that coffee shop experience be it out and about, at home or at work. With 73% of people agreeing that coffee and other drinks boost morale in the workplace,1 it’s time to say thank you to those teams making the journey to work by bringing the high street to them.

If you have a KLIX or Flavia machine, a new Bean to Cup fresh office coffee machine could be the perfect addition to your vending machine range. Creating a fantastic combination of fresh Italian coffee and firm favourites brings choice to the workplace break station like never before – it really is a match made in heaven!


I recently read that only 59% of UK consumers are satisfied with the quality of the coffee they drink at work.2 That number seems low, should we not be surprised that 2 in 5 people don’t think what they’re drinking is up to scratch? Not really! Let’s break this down: how many people do you know who have no opinion on coffee? Everyone has a favourite, be it a latte, a flat white, decaf or perhaps their answer is “no thanks, I’ll have a cup of tea instead” – sometimes pleasing everyone is a hard game to win!

They say variety is the spice of life and your coffee machine should be no exception, so we’ve put choice at the heart of our machine range. As proud members of the Lavazza family, we’re delighted to bring our delectable range of expertly roasted Lavazza coffee beans. With four delicious blends to choose from, plus loose-leaf tea and indulgent hot chocolate options – you’ll find a coffee you love however you prefer it.


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all taking that little bit more care over what we’re touching and where it’s been. Keeping your workplaces running smoothly as we enter the new normal has never been more difficult. With our KLIX and Flavia machines built with hygiene in mind, we knew that our new Bean to Cup range needed to be just as ready to help our customers meet their risk reduction goals.

Enter, distance selection technology! Each of our new Bean to Cup coffee machines has built-in distance selection for touchless selection, simply hover your finger over your drinks choice and our machines do the hard work for you. Safe, convenient and delicious – simple!


If I had to pick just one thing that makes me proud to be part of the Lavazza Professional team, the amazing work happening behind the scenes wins hands down every time. With over 75 weeks between break downs,3 you may not see them often, but our committed team of in-house engineers are passionate about providing the best customer experience. With nationwide technical coverage and a friendly team of account managers, we’re here to make sure that you’re getting the very best out of your office coffee machine.

And now, looking after your vending machines has never been easier! In June 2020, we were delighted to introduce Lavazza Professional Operating Services to provide a one-stop-shop for filling and servicing our range of drinks and snacks vending machines. Proudly serving our customers for over 40 years, you can have peace of mind that your fresh office coffee machine is in safe hands.

Working with workplaces large and small and with choice at the heart of our offering, the team at Lavazza Professional are passionate about finding the perfect coffee machine for your workplace. Get in touch to speak to one of our experts or explore our machine range today.

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