In the current climate, it has never been more important to fuel our frontline public services and healthcare workers and ensure they have the well-deserved breaktimes they need as they battle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. NHS Hospitals and private healthcare clinics are some of the most demanding working environments and a good cup of tea or coffee can go a long way for hospital staff, patients and visitors alike. But with so many people needing different things, it can be difficult to ensure everyone gets the refreshment they need, so we’ve put together a useful guide to help you find the right solution for your healthcare site:


When it comes to busy workplaces, you don’t get much busier than the bustle of a hospital! With doctors and nurses constantly on the go, opportunities to grab a hot drink can be hard to come by. Whether your finishing up your ward round or grabbing a coffee before a long shift, refreshment needs to be easy, convenient and above all: speedy!

Our reliable KLIX hot drinks vending machines provide your next drink in as little as 17 seconds. With some of the nation’s best loved brands at the simple touch of a button, try placing in convenient locations with a high footfall, such as busy corridors.


With hospital staff hard at work in a high-pressure environment, taking breaks has never been more important. The Royal College of Nursing advises that break times are an essential, not a luxury, and to take care to Rest, Rehydrate and Refuel.* Why not keep your team’s morale up with a little something to look forward to on their break?

Treat your busy team to a real Italian coffee with our range of bean to cup coffee machines – real Lavazza coffee beans expertly roasted to craft coffee shop favourites such as lattes, cappuccinos and more! And with distance selection technology you don’t even need to touch the machine to get your next drink – perfect for a refreshing break in the breakroom, office or doctors’ mess.


As the evening draws in and the surrounding workplaces begin to close for the night, a hospital’s work goes on. With staff beginning their night shifts, it may not only be a caffeine boost they need to face the night’s work. With many shops and cafes shut until morning, ensure that snacks and cold drinks are on hand to keep the team fuelled throughout the night.

Our snack and cold drinks machines are a perfect pitstop for late night cravings and have a range of healthier snacking options available.


Visiting the hospital can be a worrying experience for many patients. Additionally, 45% of people feel more frightened to go to hospital due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, heightening these anxieties further. Having a nice cup of tea or coffee may be a small step towards helping them feel more at home in what can be an unnerving environment.

With patients’ wellbeing a priority, offer them a comforting hot drink from our FLAVIA coffee machines. Small, hand fillable and portable, these countertop hot drinks machines are ideal for consultation rooms and reception areas.


With so many people coming and going, waiting rooms are commonplace throughout many areas of a hospital. Whether you are a patient waiting to be seen in A&E or a visitor waiting to see a loved one, time can go slowly while you wait and it may not be possible to visit a nearby coffee shop to grab a refreshing drink.

Our simple to use bean to cup machines come with distance selection technology and are a great solution for waiting rooms – they can even be fitted with cashless readers or offer drinks for free. Why not pair with a refreshing water cooler to offer your visitors a range of drinks options?

Do you work in the NHS or a private healthcare environment and need advice on how to keep your staff and patients refreshed? Contact our friendly team today and we’d be happy to offer you some advice on our hot drinks vending machines.