Give your team access to a range of café-style drinks and a wide selection of fresh food and snack products located conveniently in the workplace.



KLIX Momentum

Ideal for fast-paced work environments with up to 16 drinks selections.

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Provide a range of confectionary, savoury snacks and cold drinks.

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Deliver a huge range of the most recognised drink brands.

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KLIX 450

A compact countertop machine design with up to 8 drinks selections.

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Stock a wide selection of food products, savoury treats & cold drinks.

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Hard-wearing and robust, G-Drink is at home in the toughest environments.

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flavia c500

Stylish and reliable office coffee machine delivering over 24 hot drink options.

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Compact and hassle free - ideal for smaller offices and meeting rooms.

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Give your team access to a range of café-style drinks and a wide selection of fresh food and snack products located conveniently in the workplace with our vending machines.

About Our Vending Machines

We supply a full range of vending solutions to meet all your businesses vending needs from authentic office coffee machines to can, bottle, snack and food vending machines. Let us help you find the solution that’s perfect for you.

Do you have a large workforce demanding a range of food and drink options?
Check out our KLIX hot and cold drinks vending machines, perfect for the factory floor, vending the nation’s favourite brands in under 17 seconds! Choose from floor standing and table top models. Our range of snack machines are the ideal addition to the KLIX range, vending a full range of crisps, confectionary, cans and bottles to sandwiches, baguettes and fresh food.

Are you in a small to medium office with regular visitors?
Our stylish and compact FLAVIA Creation 500 and FLAVIA Creation 200 drinks machines are ideal for the office, with an unbeatable menu of fresh ground coffees, real leaf teas and indulgent specialities, sealed within our unique freshpacks, ensuring unique and quality flavour every time. With a portable deign and hassle-free operation, FLAVIA is our most popular office vending machine.

With a wide range of purchase options from outright purchase to rental and hire deals, we’ll help you find a plan that works to your budget. Contact us today for a free quote.

Looking for Cold Drinks, Food, Snack or Can Vending?

Companies We Proudly Serve
We've had KLIX and FLAVIA machines in our Head Office in Leicester for about 8 years. They're the most reliable and clean machines we've ever had! I've only ever had to make two service calls in 8 years. I would definitely recommend them.
Caroline Harris Facilities Manager, EUROPCAR


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80% of workers told us they're happier when great tasting hot drinks are available at work.1

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180% of consumers when questioned in the 2016 Workplace Vitality study stated 'they're happier when great tasting hot drinks are available at work.'
*Our aim is to deliver 100% drinks consistency. This is based on having a fully up to date and serviced machine
**83 weeks Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) up to November 2018 on all machines base
***98% of customers in our customer satisfaction survey, up to the end of 2018, rated our service as great