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A solid, simple and convenient machine for medium spaces. Offering premium quality Lavazza coffee, fresh from bean to cup, for an authentic coffee-shop experience.

DRINK options

Coffee drinks available for 9100

Lavazza Expert range, for real coffee lovers

Lavazza’s Expert range brings to OCS and Vending a superior selection of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to produce a high quality coffee and coffee specialities. 

Indeed, the organoleptic properties of the selected coffees remain intact right until they are dispensed, even after prolonged periods in the vending machines. 

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At the heart of everything we do

World-class service and reliability

Our dedicated team combine unique business insight and expertise to tailor the perfect blend of technology and drinks for each customer. 

Vending is about convenience

Fully managed service

A ‘one-stop-shop’ solution, our fully managed service is designed to keep your vending machines filled, clean and kept in great working order.

Technical Specifications


Width: 450mm

Height: 870mm

Depth: 535mm




Fused 3 pin plug into 13 amp switched socket, single phase supply

Water Supply

Min 80 Kpa (0.8 Bar) – Max 1000Kpa (10 Bar)

Machine Capacity

Whole Bean Capacity: 2.8kg

Leaf Tea Capacity: 1.1kg

Instant Coffee Capacity: 0.7kg

Powdered Milk Capacity: 1.2kg

Chocolate Capacity: 1.9kg


We’re serious about sustainability

Our customers care about our planet; and so do we - we're committed to working together for a brighter future. Our people are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals with technologies.


KLIX Eco Cup


Sustainable solution

Our business is committed to sustainability and dedicated to help workplaces achieve their own sustainability goals, working together for a brighter future for our planet.


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“I didn’t even look into other suppliers as the response and service I received from Lavazza Professional was superb”

-Coventry Uni-

Lavazza Flavia coffee machine

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