September 19, 2019

A whole latte coffee! Why is the latte taking the UK by storm and how can you bring it to your office coffee machine?

Here at Lavazza Professional we just love a latte! They’re smooth, creamy and are the perfect afternoon treat or morning pick me up. But did you know, that over 930 million lattes were drunk in the UK last year alone?1 By our maths, that’s enough to fill over 4,000,000 baths!2 So why are the UK in love with lattes and how did they get so popular?


We need a coffee fix

The Brits relationship with coffee is truly blossoming. With the UK drinking 25 million more cups a day than ten years ago, you could say it’s true love!3 Contributing a whopping £9.1 billion to the economy, the UK coffee industry (and of course our corresponding coffee cravings) is getting bigger by the cupful!4


Milk is king:

So what kind of coffee are we drinking? When it comes to coffee shop drinks, latte was the first choice, followed swiftly by the cappuccino.1 Not only this, but our research shows that 63% of our respondents preferred their coffee with either milk or milk with sugar.5 With milky coffees at the top of the menu - it’s no wonder the demand for café style favourites is booming!


Café culture is growing:

You only need to look around your local high street to see a string of cafes brimming with happy customers and frothy coffees. In fact, 80% of coffee shop visitors are now visiting on a weekly basis!4 The demand for the coffee shop experience is also filtering into the home with over a third of Brits owning a coffee machine to craft their very own café style-favourites.6 So where does this leave us at work?


At Lavazza Professional, we focus 100% on the workplace and pride ourselves on finding a vending solution for you whatever your working environment. With our reliable range of hot drinks vending machines, you can give your team the café experience they crave at work!

Refreshment in seconds with KLIX®

Our KLIX hot drinks vending machines have a drink for every taste. Whether you’re a latte lover, cappuccino connoisseur or even a soup supporter – we have the right drink for you! And with our speedy vending times, you could be sipping your next latte in 17 seconds – see you later lunchtime café queue!



Bring the café to work with FLAVIA®

Forget trudging out in the rain to the coffee shop to get your next caffeine hit - our Flavia office coffee machines bring the café to you! Our unique Freshpacks take freshly ground coffee and lock in the freshness until your first sip. Pair that with our delicious Real Milk Froth and you’ve got yourself the perfect latte!




Want to bring the power of the latte to your workplace? Why not try out one of our machines today and start your taste test?




Based on average bath holding 80 litres (reference here) and average mug holding 350ml (reference here) 4 5 Read our full findings here