July 25, 2019

Conquer the morning drag for good! Five reasons why eating breakfast before work is so important


5 Reasons to Eat Breakfast


It’s commonly said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So would it shock you to know that 50% of adults go to work without eating breakfast?1 Sadly, it probably wouldn’t. With time being in precious supply and our to-do lists getting longer, more of us are going hungry in the mornings. But with half of the workforce not eating in the morning, what’s the impact on your business? It turns out, it could be more than just breakfast your team are missing out on. So just why is breakfast so important and why should we be encouraging our colleagues to grab a bite?


  1. It keeps you energised

    Food is the fuel your body depends on and without it you just can’t function. This “fuel” is known as glucose which comes from the carbohydrates in our food. Overnight, your body’s glucose levels drop, and breakfast plays a crucial role in replenishing your glucose stores and kick starting your energy supply.2 Give your workforce the energy boost they need and make sure that breakfast is never far away.


  2. It stops you from snacking

    Do you think that skipping breakfast could help you lose weight? You’d be wrong. Studies have shown that eating a high-protein breakfast plays a key role in keeping your appetite in check and can even stop you reaching for more sugary snacks later in the day.3 Fuller stomach = less snacking – simple!


  3. It makes you more productive

    With those skipping breakfast more likely to snack, breakfast is the first step in the day to ensuring a nutritional and balanced diet. It’s getting this nutritional balance right that’s the key to unlocking your team’s productivity. Employees with an unhealthier diet are 66% more likely to experience a loss of productivity and have 21% more sick days.4 Keep your workforce on the go and ensure that a nutritious breakfast is on hand.


  4. It's good for your memory

    The nutrients you get from your food play a vital role in memory. Research shows that those who eat breakfast each day are more likely to reach the optimum nutrient levels in their body than those who skip a morning meal, resulting in better memory.5 Stay on top of your game at work and be sure to keep breakfast on your schedule.


  5. It helps your mood

    We’ve all been guilty of the dreaded “hanger”! That wound up feeling of frustration you get when you just haven’t had quite enough to eat. But there is a science behind our angst! With the hormones activated by low blood sugar triggering the same chemicals for anger in our brain, it’s no wonder that skipping breakfast can leave us feeling a little moody.6 Keep your blood sugar levels up by grabbing a bite for breakfast – your colleagues will thank you for it!


At Lavazza Professional, we’re on a mission to ensure no one goes hungry at work. We know how difficult it can be to make breakfast available in the workplace, which is why we’re introducing our new Mornflake® Porridge to our KLIX range!


Our vending machines are tailored to the busiest of work environments and you’re bound to find a drink to suit every taste as well as our delicious new porridge – perfect for breakfast! Why not sign up for a free trial today to bring breakfast to your workforce at the push of a button!


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