May 21, 2019

How to choose the right drink from your vending machine 

We are creatures of habit and tend to drink the same every day. At work, it is particularly challenging as not all of our favourite drinks are available. Well, we may have the perfect solution for you! We believe that vending machines can be so much more than tea and coffee. If you opt for a drinks vending machine you can have a range of hot and cold drinks from some of the UK best loved brands to suite all tastes and any occasion. 

I’m feeling tired and need an energy boost

Opt for a cup of your favourite coffee! Our coffees contain on average between 90 and 100 mg of caffeine per serving which should give you that energy boost when you need it. Why not opt for a cappuccino or latte to give your coffee boost a little variety.


I’m looking for an afternoon pick-me-up

At Lavazza Professional, we think a good cup of tea goes a long way! Why not try a classic breakfast tea or refresh yourself with a herbal infusion to dust away the afternoon cobwebs?

I’m a bit peckish and could do with a snack

What about a tasty cup of soup? At Lavazza Professional, we offer four delicious varieties of soup ranging from rich tomato with croutons and herbs, thick vegetable, creamy chicken to a hearty Bovril. So next time your tummy starts to rumble, satisfy yourself with a warming soup.


I’m rather hot and need to cool down

Why not take a refreshing sip from our range of cold drinks? Choose from low calorie flavoured waters such as Lemon & Lime or our brand new Summer Fruits. For a fruity twist, opt for a juicy Starburst Orange or Starburst Tropical to quench your thirst or simply go with a cup of cool water.

I’m in the mood for a treat

Indulge in a hot chocolate, mocha, cappuccino or even latte, perhaps? Perfect for when you’re looking to try something different and treat yourself! Explore our speciality range today


Having a variety of drinks in the workplace is more important than you think! Our studies show that having the right drinks at work can have a direct influence on:

  1. Staff collaboration, 72% of respondents agreed that “coffee and other drinks energise and focus people, enabling them to be more effective collaborators at work”.
  2. Staff engagement 73% respondents agreed that “coffee and other drinks in the workplace boost morale and attitude”.
  3. Staff well-being, 80% of the respondents agreed that “people are happier when good-tasting coffee and other drinks are available at work”.
  4. Staff productivity, 73% of the respondents agreed that “people are more productive when they have their preferred drinks at work”.


Like what you have read and want your workforce to be happy, engaged and satisfied? Why not trial one of our vending machines today!