February 11, 2019

The Power of the Chocolate Drink - 5 reasons to use it at work

Chocolate has been used as a gift token for many centuries and for many different occasions. The tradition dates back to ancient times, when the Aztecs presented cups of chocolate drinks to their royalty, warriors and foreign visitors1. They believed that cacao beans, used to make chocolate, were a gift from the gods and therefore used to celebrate special occasions.

In recent times, chocolate has become a gift for a variety of special occasions or simply when you are looking to cheer someone up. For centuries, the gift of chocolate has meant that you consider the recipient to be someone very special. During the Victorian era, chocolate became increasingly popular, Queen Victoria began giving chocolates as gifts to soldiers as Christmas/New Year’s presents2. It is also during this time that Richard Cadbury, of the English chocolate-making family, “invented” the first Valentine’s Day chocolate box3.

You could argue that Valentine’s Day isn’t really meant for the office environment but it could easily become the perfect excuse to recognise someone special or even sweeten someone up before you ask for a pay rise. So let’s take a look at 5 reasons (other than love) to use a chocolate drink from a vending machine on Valentine’s Day in the office:

1. Say thank you to someone who has helped you.
Say thank you to one of you colleagues who has recently helped you with a project or a special task. It’s all about recognition and thankfulness. We would recommend that you use Galaxy Hot Chocolate from our office vending machines, a silky, smooth and indulgent drink.

2. Show the rest of your team that you care
Reward your team with a hot drink to demonstrate that you work well together and really enjoy their company. It will also provide them with this warm fuzzy feeling that you all belong to an amazing team.

3. Give your boss their favourite chocolate drink before asking for a pay rise or touching on a twitchy subject
Recent studies4  reveal that when cradling their favourite drink, your boss will be more easily receptive to your power of persuasion, meaning that they will be more generous and sociable. This would open the door to your pitch for a pay rise or even make it easier to approach a touchy and contentious subject.

4. Make someone feel better
Studies5  have proven that consuming chocolate can help improve your mood, making you feel calmer and more content. So if you see someone down or feeling a little low, offer them a warm and real milk chocolate from our vending machine such as Chocamento, it will immediately make them feel better, not only will them appreciate that you care but the chocolate drink will boost their morale.

5. Bridge the gap and meet someone new
Offering a chocolate drink to someone new is the perfect ice breaker. You may say hello to this colleague and meet them often in the corridors but never had the guts to start a discussion. Use our office vending machine to distribute a silky smooth Galaxy Caramel Hot Chocolate to break the ice and start a conversation.

Lavazza Professional offers chocolate drinks from our vending machine, specially designed for the workplace, we are your perfect vending partner. Ask for your free trial now!



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