August 05, 2019

The Champion of Breakfasts: Three reasons porridge is taking breakfast time by storm and why you should bring it to your hot drinks vending machine


3 Reasons to eat porridge 


We all love a bowl of porridge in the morning, it’s comforting, rich and filling – not to mention delicious! And with eating breakfast before work being so important, we should all be on the hunt for a satisfying and tasty morning meal, so why does porridge fit the bill?


It's a crowd pleaser

Did you know that Brits are eating 47 million gallons of porridge every year?1 That’s a lot of oats…but who is eating all this porridge? Well you can be certain it’s not just Goldilocks who likes a bowl of porridge in the morning, with 23% of people enjoying a bowl daily.2 Bring the power of oats to your workplace with a hot drinks vending machine so that your team can get the breakfast they love at work as well as home!


It fills you up

When it comes to staying full until lunchtime, porridge is a great go to breakfast! But just why is it so filling? Science says that this is down to its “viscosity”, or rather the thick, sticky texture that we associate with the porridge we know and love. This viscosity triggers hormones in our digestive system which regulate our appetite and let our brain know that we’re full, making porridge a fantastic and filling breakfast.3


It can be consumed on the go

Do you ever wish getting a bite to eat for breakfast was less hassle? You’re not alone! With over 263,000,000 breakfasts being eaten on the go in 2017, and that figure up 9.5% versus 2016, the demand for a quick and easy breakfast is on the rise.4 But would it surprise you to learn that your next breakfast could be vended in 17 seconds from your hot drinks vending machine? Want to know how?


Introducing our first snack in a cup: NEW MornflakeSuperfast Porridge Oats - Coming soon to a KLIX Machine Near You!

Not eating breakfast in the morning can really take its toll on your workforce. At Lavazza Professional, we’re passionate that no one has to go hungry at work. Make sure that everyone is catered for with our new Mornflake Superfast Porridge Oats for KLIX! A filling and delicious mix of instant porridge oats with flavours of Lyle's Golden Syrup® – just what you’re team needs to start the day right!


So what do you need to know about our new Mornflake Superfast Porridge Oats?

  • Our new porridge is our first snack in a cup – who says that your hot drinks vending machine should be all about drinks?
  • It’s rich and creamy with flavours of Lyle's Golden Syrup®
  • 17 second vend time – perfect for breakfast on the go
  • Available in a sustainable 9oz cup so that your new snack is not only tasty but can be recycled once you’re finished!
  • No need to bring your own cutlery with our handy wooden spoons!
Porridge Label


Our vending machines are tailored to the busiest of work environments and with our new Mornflake Superfast Porridge Oats you can ensure that you’re catering for your team whatever the time. Why not sign up for a free trial today to bring breakfast to your workforce at the push of a button from your hot drinks vending machine!