June 17, 2019

Keep your cool! Why is fighting dehydration at work so important and how can your vending machine help?


Why is hydration at work so important?


With water making up 60% of our body, it really is the elixir of life.1 Despite recommendations that we should be drinking 1.5-2 litres of water per day,2 a whopping 89% of us simply aren’t getting enough of the stuff!3 Dehydration can really take its toll on your workforce, so it’s important to ensure that refreshment is on hand at all times. Why not bring hydration to your workplace at the push of a button by installing a vending machine and water cooler?


But why is hydration at work so important?

Are your workforce working up a sweat? If so, staying hydrated could not be more important. The more physical activity you do, the more fluids you need to replace the water your body loses through sweat.4 Even if you have a desk job, commuting, heavy workloads and even office air conditioning can all dehydrate us faster so keeping our water levels topped up at work is a must.5 So what are the benefits to fighting dehydration in the workplace?


  1. It increases productivity

    Did you know that a 1% reduction in hydration can lead to a 12% drop in productivity? Take that up to 3 or 4% and you could be seeing a drop in productivity of up to 50%!6 Can your business afford the hit? Boost productivity and ensure that everyone gets the drink they need by putting a vending machine in busy break areas and dotting water coolers around your office.


  2. It improves cognitive performance

    When it comes to our mental performance, hydration is key! A recent study has shown that dehydration can lead to weakened attention span and motor skills including impaired grammatical and mathematical capabilities.7  Installing a vending machine or water cooler ensures that your workforce’s next drink is only seconds away and keeps the good ideas rolling!


  3. It keeps you safe

    At a blood alcohol level of 0.08, you are five times more likely to crash your car. But would you be surprised to know that being 3% dehydrated has the same impact on your reaction times as these alcohol levels?8 Keep yourself and your workforce safe and on the ball by ensuring that everyone gets enough water throughout the work day.


  4. It boosts your mood

    Do you find yourself getting grumpier the more the day goes on? If so, you may very well be dehydrated! Studies have shown that drinking less water can have a negative impact on your mood and happiness.9 So next time you’re feeling grouchy, instead of grumbling over your emails, reach for a cup of water – you’ll feel better for it!


  5. It keeps you cool

    With summer around the corner and the hot weather on the way, it’s never been more important to stay hydrated. Without sufficient water levels, heat cannot be released via sweat, body heat is trapped leading to a rise in your core body temperature.10 With a vending machine in the building, you can keep your cool any time and ensure that refreshment is always on hand!

At Lavazza Professional, we have a range of drinks solutions to keep your workforce hydrated and refreshed. Check out our hot and cold vending machines, bottle machines and water coolers to find the right solution for your workplace and sign up for a free trial today!

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