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New Mornflake Superfast Porridge Oats 
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*Suitable for KLIX® OUTLOOK & Momentum machines only

Did you know that 50% of adults go to work without eating breakfast?*

Not eating breakfast in the morning can really take its toll on your workforce. Make sure that everyone is catered for with our new Mornflake Porridge!

Our new Mornflake Superfast Porridge Oats are a filling and delicious mix of instant porridge oats with a hint of Lyle's Golden Syrup® flavour – just what your team needs to start the day right

  • Rich and creamy flavour
  • 17 second vend time - perfect for breakfast on the go
  • Available in a large, recyclable cup

We know that your team will love new mornflake superfast porridge oats!

We know how many of you go to work with no breakfast! This will impact your productivity - so change that by having the option of snacking with Porridge in your KLIX machine.

Mornflake label 

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Mornflake oats 

1. Pop your sleeve of porridge into your KLIX machine and vend according the water shot on the back of your label
2. Stir your porridge for a few minutes
3. If you like your porridge a little thicker, stir for a few minutes longer
4. Enjoy!

Recycle Porridge Cup

Simply eat up all your porridge, wipe or rinse away any leftovers and pop in your nearest recycling bin!

Vended Recyclable Cup

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