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The Bright Tea Co.® Immunity Herbal Infusion

Enjoy the revitalizing flavours of lemon and peach with our IMMUNITY infusion. A unique blend of lemongrass, rose hips and hibiscus flowers with hints of orange peel, chicory root and goji berries. Refreshingly citrusy, one drink provides 15% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

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The Bright Tea Co. Immunity Herbal Infusion



Lemon Grass, Rose Hips, White Hibiscus Flowers, Orange Peels, Hibiscus Flowers, Natural Flavoring, Chicory Root, Goji Juice Granules, Vitamin C Granules

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FLAVIA Freshpack™

Sealing in the freshness

FLAVIA brewers use the patented FreshpackTM system to brew each drink direct from the pack and straight into your cup, ensuring no taste cross-over between drinks.

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