A little warmth goes a long way! Whether it’s a hearty Mornflake Porridge for breakfast on the go, or a soothing Knorr® Tomato soup snack to keep your team powered – Fire up your KLIX Drinks vending machine and satisfy your teams tastebuds with warming snacks to keep them going throughout the day!

Make sure you don’t skip the most important meal of the day with Mornflake Superfast Porridge Oats – Filling and delicious instant porridge oats with a hint of Lyle’s Golden Syrup flavour

We believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, energising your team with a happy and productive start to any day. Or keeping them going throughout the day as a delicious snack

Research from Statista indicates that in 2017 nearly one in every two in the UK said they rarely had time to eat a proper breakfast*. We’re on a mission to change this with Superfast Porridge Oats from Mornflake – the perfect breakfast on the go or even as a snack during the day.

Enjoy nutritious and filling Knorr® Tomato Soup with Croutons – a popular soothing staple during the colder months, perfect for warming your team up and keeping them powered throughout the day.

Satisfy your teams craving for a warming snack to keep them going this Autumn and complete your KLIX menu with a rich Tomato Soup and croutons from Knorr®.

With over 37% of the British public rating Tomato soup as their staple favourite**, your team can enjoy the heart-warming comfort of a delicious tomato soup, a must-have on any Autumn menu.

The perfect warming snacks for the colder months; at the touch of a button and ready in seconds, keeping break times on track to support your fast-paced work environment.

Order today to add the perfect Winter drinks and snacks to your KLIX vending machine, giving your team exactly what they need this Winter.

For the Chance to WIN a Winter Warmer hamper, simply place an order!

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‘KNORR’ is a registered trademark if Unilever Bestfoods Ltd.