It is never easy to decide when to move away from the lovely office kettle. You started with only a handful of people and have now grown. The kettle just can’t keep up and is not practical anymore! We’re giving you 5 reasons to move from the kettle to a vending machine which will be fit for purpose:


Have you ever had signs telling you to treat the office kitchen like your own? Or emails about discarded cups not stacked in the dishwasher? Using a vending machine for your hot and  cold drinks saves your office kitchen turning into a bombsite as well as arguments over whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher. It is very simple to use: select, press and drink.


According to a study conducted by the Initial Washroom Hygiene, office workers could be exposing themselves to more harmful germs than they think during their daily tea run. Their study found particularly high levels of microbial activity on the tins or boxes where tea bags are kept – recording an average reading 17 times higher than that of an average toilet seat. Other culprits of significant microbiological activity were fridge door handles, the kettle and the sugar pot [i]. This is staggering, not to mention disgusting! Having a solution that removes bacterial contamination can only be good and positive for you and your staff’s health and well-being.


In comparison, the kettle can’t offer the variety of drinks that a vending machine can. Vending machines have a huge range of drinks and can offer much better variety to keep up with the changing needs of your staff. The menu no longer has to be limited to tea, coffee and hot chocolate but you can also have latte, mocha, cappuccino and even soup and cold drinks like flavoured water – much more in keeping with the high street coffee shops and what your staff are wanting to drink.


According to Which, your kettle is the least reliable gadget in your kitchen[ii], it’s covered in calcium deposits which can lead to frequent breakdowns– it’s more likely to make your blood boil than water! A vending machine is a perfect replacement, most machines are very reliable. Lavazza Professional’s vending machines offer consistent quality alongside reliability and go on average over 17 months without a breaking down[iii]. Much closer to the hassle free solution you need in the workplace.


There is a direct correlation with having hot/cold drinks at work and employee satisfaction. As Lavazza Professional’s research shows, 72% of people agree “Coffee and other drinks energize and focus people, enabling them to be more effective collaborators at work.”

  • Impact on engagement: 73% agree “Coffee and other drinks in the workplace boost morale and attitude.”
  • Impact on well-being: 80% agree “People are happier when good-tasting coffee and other drinks are available at work.”
  • Impact on productivity: 73% agree “People are more productive when they have their preferred drinks at work.”

Try out our vending machines and see how Lavazza Professional can help you to create an ultimate employee experience.