The team at Lavazza Professional are passionate that everyone gets a chance to energise and refresh when they can. After hearing of the NHS Coffee Appeal’s mission following a call to action to donate much needed coffee supplies from the Automatic Vending Association (AVA), we were determined to assist our local key workers in need.

Lavazza Professional NHS Workers


Lavazza Professional are proud to support and give back to the local communities in which we live and work and were eager to get involved. Our team were quick to respond and worked with the NHS Coffee Appeal to contact our local hospital and offer our services.

To date, Lavazza Professional have chosen to support our local NHS workers at the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital directly with our FLAVIA machines and drinks. We are also delighted to know that our parent company Lavazza have made donations to over 30 hospitals across the UK.

Lavazza Professional Fueling NHS

NHS Delivery


We know that a decent cup of coffee can be the difference between an insufficient pitstop and an energising break. Though it is a small part of what can be a long day, a well-earned drink is viewed by many workers as a valuable key to refreshment and productivity. Which is why during these difficult times, it is important to support those working hard in our key industries one coffee at a time.


The ongoing COVID-19 Crisis has led to the closure of many canteens and coffee shops in hospitals across the UK. Having listened to an interview online of a doctor talking about the struggles of getting a decent cup of coffee at work, a group of viewers were determined to help. After getting in touch with several hospitals, they found that this story was commonplace, thus, the NHS Coffee Appeal was born!

What started with donating a single coffee machine to a local hospital has since gathered momentum. The NHS Coffee Appeal now coordinate the donation of coffee machines from businesses and individuals alike to a growing network of 22 hospitals.

Would you like to join the NHS Coffee Appeal’s mission? Find out more and start donating coffee supplies here