Did you know?

There are over 25 million small coffee producers world wide

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Harvest in Care

The coffee plant is grown in warm humid climates across the world and is sensitive to dry weather. Ripe coffee cherries are harvested by hand or all at once from the plant after which cherries are carefully selected.

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Processes with quality in mind

Beans can be processed in two ways to produce different aromas and flavours of coffee. They're then checked for quality, impurities and removed, and shipped to Italy ready for roasting.

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Blended with Precision

Two or more coffee types or origins are roasted together creating unique combinations of flavours and tastes which single varieties cannot achieve for a coffee with a difference.

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Expertly Roasted

Once the coffee beans have been blended, it is time for them to be roasted. With dedicated colorimeters to check every batch of coffee we roast, quality is always top of mind.

Bean to Cup

Lavazza coffee beans in our Bean to Cup machines


Lavazza coffee beans in our in-pack technology


Our pioneering KLIX In-Cup technology ensures consistent quality and authentic taste every time - loved by you and trusted by our brand partners.


FLAVIA brewers use the unique Freshpack system that brews your drink direct from pack straight into your cup. No contact, no taste transfer between drinks.


The delicious premium taste of freshly ground Lavazza coffee served from bean to cup, guaranteed to satisfy coffee lovers in the most demanding workplaces.