Having a vending machine in your workplace can have many benefits, from keeping your people happy and productive, to removing the need for staff to go offsite in search of snacks – plus
saving space for storing and displaying snacks.

Here we look at five reasons why your workplace needs a snack vending machine and how we have the perfect machines for your workspace!

1. Keep Your Team Happy & Productive:

When we’re snackish, it can really affect our mood and productivity. That’s why having an onsite snack vending machine means there will always be emergency snacks on hand for when that
snack craving strikes – meaning your people can continue being productive and happy at work, without compromise.

2. Staff Can Stay Onsite:

Forgot to pack your lunch or ran out of your daily chocolate fix? No problem! With a snack vending machine your staff no longer need to go off site in search of food, with a wide variety of
snacks available to pick up at any time right in your very workplace. Saving your staff time and energy – especially if you’re in a remote location where access to other snack and food outlets may not always be accessible.

3. Save Time Ordering Snacks & Save Space With Low Maintenance Vending Machine:

Ordering, buying, unboxing and displaying snacks all takes up valuable time, and is often a task that needs to be repeated regularly. Then all the snacks piling up on the counter can sometimes look messy or take up much needed space. With a low maintenance snack vending machine with options to fully manage the ordering and buying process, having a snack vending machine can solve all your snack-related problems with a smart looking, functional and low maintenance vending machine.

4. Perfect Accompaniment to KLIX and Flavia Drinks Machines:

If you’re already well accustomed to a KLIX or Flavia drinks machines, adding a snack vending machine will be the perfect accompaniment to your food and drink offering. A freshly brewed tea, or a delicious tasting flavoured coffee, along with your favourite snack will make break times even better and more enjoyable for all – including your visitors!

5. Subsidise or Make Money – The Choice Is Yours:

And finally, with our snack vending machines you can set the cost of the snacks, meaning you can subside them or charge a small amount – it’s completely up to you. If you’re looking for a little extra cash to put towards the end of year work party, the snack vending machine could be the place to do it! Staff get tasty snacks, the company can cover the costs of the machine plus any profit can go towards a staff night out – win, win win! Visit our range here!