Over the past 8 weeks since the Lockdown began, we at Lavazza Professional in the main, have been executing a business as normal approach with many customers still operating and therefore requiring our support, drinks and services.

We’ve continued to run an operation that provides the right level of account management, customer service and engineering support to meet demand during these unpredictable times.   We’ll continue to align with Government advice on the safest way to operate for our employees and customers, for example, allowing employees to work remotely from home. Where applicable, we ensure social distancing and hygiene guidelines are met, including in our factory which continues to produce the required levels of product for our customers. We’ve been proud to do our small part in helping to keep the country moving during these difficult times, as well as achieving the same level of service that you expect from us as a key partner to your operation with limited disruption to you.

Whilst continuing to support our customers, we’ve continued to develop our exciting innovation plans. We’ve shared progress in recent weeks on the launch of Cadburys Hot Chocolate and the announcement that we’re bringing our Fully Managed Service in-house from Compass Group. We now look forward to the imminent launch of 7oz Orange and Peach and 9oz Cadburys Hot Chocolate as well as the next big phase of our KLIX Eco Cup roll-out. At Lavazza Professional we’re investing greatly at this time to ensure that we evolve our proposition and continue to develop more exciting initiatives for the market, as we make steps as a nation towards the new normal.

Naturally, like many businesses we’ve revised our staffing needs to meet market demands in recent weeks. We will now constantly revise this in line with increasing orders and support requirements as our customers start to return to work in larger numbers.  Since the Government announced the lockdown position on the 23rd March, we have put on hold the install and uplift of machines, in all but critical key working business, in the safety interests of all.  As we see the rules continue to evolve, we’ll monitor our position and service and align with customer demand as they adapt to these new working arrangements.  Both this and our planned increase in customer support and service will be monitored on an ongoing to ensure that we meet these increased needs of our customers and consumers whilst adhering to all Government advise on safety requirements.


We understand that everyone will return to work in different ways during this time. It’s important that when you do, you restart your vending machines in the correct way to ensure safe and hygienic operation.

The Automatic Vending Association (AVA) have issued guidance on best practice when restarting machines, which we hope you’ll find useful. You can of course contact our team for any further advice or guidance that you might need.

Once your machines are back up and running, it’s important to consider how they’ll be used. There are four main recommendations for the safe use of machines:

  1. Maintain at least 2 metres distance from other people
  2. Wash your hands before and after using the vending machine or use hand sanitiser
  3. Use the clean, single-use & recyclable cup from the machine for your drink.
  4. Once your product has been vended, move away from the vending machine and enjoy your break in complete safety

The AVA have also produced some useful posters that we’d encourage you to display near your machines to encourage the right behaviour.


If you are looking to restart your drinks machine after being out of use, please follow our simple instructions below:

KLIX Machine Guidance

Flavia Machine Guidance

To perform a tank drain and flush on your KLIX machine, please select your machine type below and follow the simple instructions:

KLIX Outlook and Momentum Tank Drain and Flush Instructions

KLIX 450 Tank Drain and Flush Instructions

Should your machine have a Fully Managed Service, please contact our customer services team to arrange for an operator to visit your site using the details below.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or our Customer Services team with any questions or a changing position on your needs by emailing uk.customerservice@lavazzapro.com or calling 0800 0323 444.