When it comes to deciding on vending for your business there are so many things to consider. Sure, you may have decided on the type of vending machine and how many your site need, but what next? Who is going to keep it topped up? Who is going to clean it? What happens when it comes to servicing? That all seems like a lot of hassle…but it doesn’t have to be!

Working together for over 20 years, Lavazza Professional has been providing a fully managed vending service with our partner Fulfill, whose service we were delighted to bring in house in Summer 2020 to create Lavazza Professional Operating Services. Nine months into joining the Lavazza family, the Lavazza Professional Operating Services team (lovingly nicknamed LPOS) are now fully integrated into the Lavazza family and the service delivery has never been better! Creating the ultimate vending one stop shop was no small task, (and that’s before throwing a global pandemic into the mix!), so how do you make it happen?


They say that people make a business and we couldn’t agree more! Throughout the transition process to the Lavazza group, our customers and our associates have been our top priority. Despite the internal changes taking place, our mission was to ensure a seamless service for our customers from day one with minimal disruption and the team have been hard at work to make our new associates feel right at home in the Lavazza family. With over 120 new associates successfully onboarded, new uniforms supplied and over 100 vans rebranded – the LPOS team were ready for action!


With the team ready to go, it was time to hit the road and get filling vending machines! Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the LPOS team have continued to proudly fuel our key workers, making over 170,000 machines visits since the first lockdown began to provide much needed refreshment. With many of our customers changing the way they work as a result of the pandemic; the team have been able to offer flexibility around our customers’ new vending requirements. By adhering to strict social distancing measures, limiting contact time on site and providing all important PPE, coronavirus risk management has been top of the team’s mind as they go about their daily business protecting both our customers and themselves in the midst of the virus.


If you have multiple sites across the UK, you’re no doubt familiar with the pain of finding suppliers who can look after each and every one of them. The LPOS team bring with them not only a wealth of knowledge, but an extensive network of over 100 operators and 26 depots to provide nationwide coverage, including Northern Ireland.* So no matter which post code your vending machine may be in, we have a local expert around the corner dedicated to keeping you on the go!


Tired of your vending machine running out of your favourite snacks and drinks? Why can’t they just fill it when you need them to…never mind, let the cravings begin! When it comes to vending machines, the LPOS team pride themselves on offering a consistently reliable, market-leading service. Our in-house team of engineers and operators mean that your local expert is only around the corner! With some of the lowest call out rates in the industry and an average response time of under eight working hours**, you won’t be left waiting around for your favourite drinks and snacks to be replenished.

Do you think a fully managed vending service may be for you? Get in touch with the LPOS team today to get started!

*Exclusions apply: Outer Hebrides, Shetland Islands and Isle of Man** Average of 0.45 calls per machine per year between February 2020 and January 2021